“You are an obsession” – djing tonight, cat, trap

“You are an obsession
I cannot sleep”

500 g of Earl Grey – yeah! Rock candy with Earl grey flavour in a pear liquid – yeah! The silver things are Earl Grey drops – genius idea. One of the things I love most about autumn: Tea starts to get a different, deeper and better taste. I love autumn. I could bath in a cup of hot strong Earl Grey every morning.

Tonight, from 9 pm till late I’ll be djing at the lovely desi. I guess I’ll see if I find some beautiful autumn tunes. I remember once listening to the perfect radio show with the theme ‘autumn music’, it had bands like Slint and Bitch Magnet and Codeine who were all pretty new back then. It was a Friday and the show was called Castrop Rauxel on Radio Z and the guy who did the show was called Hagen, the spider. He had an awesome taste in music and a great feeling for chosing tunes. It’s a shame he stopped doing radio. I was told that once he made a radio show in which he played records that were hip but which he thought crap and people had to call in and argue why he shouldn’t break them, and if they didn’t convince him he cracked the records right in front of the microphone live on air. A nice way of  getting people to think about why they actually like a certain way of music.
Well, I sure won’t do that tonight cause I will bring only records I like too much to destroy them but if you haven’t any plans yet it would be nice to see you there.

The release party was great. Thanks to everybody involved. It was great to meet some old friends there too although there was no real time for talking. I had been a bit excited as we had some technical problems at the beginning and I had to get out my last cable and adapter reserves but then it worked. No effects on the vocals but at least it worked. I didn’t do a set but dropped a live tune every once in a while in our dj set. Worked a treat. Especially “Down with you syndrome”. Now I’m really looking forward to doing more live stuff in Linz on the 27th of october, at the Stop! Spot! Festival. Hopefully I can smoke there during my set. I miss djing with a cigarette in my hand.

This is my grumpy old cat. He’s almost 20 years old. A couple of years ago he was an evil hunter, especially if it came to birds. Today he’s a bit too shaky and weak to catch any animal. (Maybe that actually is the reason for the grumpy look he has lately.) That’s why my first idea when I found this right in the middle of our front lawn was that maybe he has found a new and comfortable way of killing his birds:

Weird, innit? I got no clue how it got there nor how the bird got caught in it.
Also yesterday I read about traps that are said to kill in a more ‘humane’ way: They gas the mouse and automatically send you an email when the victim is dead. That’s what I call progress.

2 thoughts on ““You are an obsession” – djing tonight, cat, trap

  1. When cats become old, they are also likely to become ill. And since they can not tell us, whats wrong with them, they change their appearance and behaviour. Suddenly they hide from their tinbox openers or the opposite: They want to be close to us the whole day.
    Maybe you could start to see what has changed in your cats behaviour: Does she pee more often, drink more and from unusual water sources, hide, does she still clean her fur or has she stopped? And then maybe take the cat to the veterinarian? Changing a few things could improve your cats last weeks, months, years.

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