“The faint at heart and weak minded” – Sixtoo, Ghislain Poirier, Drowning Dog

“This is the party and everybody’s invited,
especially the faint at heart and weak minded.”

I haven’t written about the night with Sixtoo and Ghislain Poirier and Drowning Dog yet. For me it was the highlight of the last week, musically and the vibe of the whole night.

Drowning Dog played first and I liked her rapping and voice a lot but the beats weren’t that exciting. She spat politics-laden lyrics backed up with a dia show visualising the subjects.

After that Ghislain Poirier entered the stage with his drummer the name of whom I sadly forgot. I loved it. I had expected his set to be a bit breaksier and faster but the live drums added so much energy that I soon forgot about any expectations. Loved those deep synth breaks, too. And Ghislain’s t-shirt. And the way the drummer seemed to settle himself anew on his seat before each track as if he was up to play the next highest level in some game.

I really wondered if Sixtoo could top this off with an even more thrilling set. The first couple of tracks it seemed like he would, especially with his rapping which always adds to a live show but the set didn’t keep up the tension. Don’t get me wrong: I loved it. It just didn’t build up to some higher peak but rather went on in a linear way. Abstract stuff mixed with straight on hiphop beats, dramaturgically cool use of stutter-cut-up bits, ach – it was great. His sampler action was nice to watch. I like it when electronic acts don’t just stand there but move and get involved.
All of them seemed perfectly nice guys too. A great night. Could have been a few more people showing up but those who were there made a hell of a show off it. Thanks to everybody involved.

I put up some pictures of the night at www.evemassacre.org and you can see more and a review in german on the Unterdruck site and on www.weaponshouse.com you can read Sixtoo’s tour blog. (The picture of the crowd above is stolen from there.)

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