“No light” – E Rocken, Stop.Spot!, Antelope

“No light, no people, no speak, no people …
Everything’s coming to a grinding halt”
The Cure

The sadness comes in waves.

When someone we know dies we expect the world to stop for a while. Like turning the sound down and moving at slo mo if at all. It seems almost obscene and cruelly ignorant how the world doesn’t care. We should scream and shout and stomp our feet till the dust rises as smoke signals to the world. But we don’t. We go on.

Tonight Elektronisch Rocken celebrate their 2nd year of partying. They are one of the most dedicated parties in town. You know: Being not just about spinning some tunes to the kids for fun but about having a real passion for what they are doing. And they are damned good at it too. You can almost see the electricity in the air when Paluka and Jool tweak the mixing console as if four hands wouldn’t be enough to squeeze the last drop of energy out of the speakers into the bouncing crowd. The unique style of their self-made flyers and decoration, and that they organise their parties themselves results in a thoroughly fun and friendly atmosphere. You think I’m biased cause we’re friends? Go find out yourself tonight and you’ll see I don’t have to exaggerate at all. A second anniversary is reason enough to big them rave princes up like this. Rave on!

Tomorrow I’ll be playing at the Stop.Spot! Festival (OK, Linz, Austria). The main promoters being Anatol (Valina) and Andreas (Washer). It’s not just another festival but it’s a conceptual one, the subject being “Music rules the rules of music”. It deals with and showcases the laws within music and how music is embedded in social and economical systems. There’ll be lots of live music but also lectures and art installations. I’m really curious about it and a bit jealous cause Linz seems such a great scene for an artsy intellectual yet fun approach to music. Infos about the line up and all are here: www.stopspot.servus.at and www.myspace.com/stopspot

What I hadn’t mentioned yet: The Antelope show was really good. Very Dischord. Rhythm. Melancholy. Sparseness. Songs stripped down to the essence. Moaned vocals, driving basslines, flittering guitar.

Yesterday I made a basic site for the Endzeit Festival. I’m not superhappy with it but the information is there and it’s my first effort with those tricky css and php things.

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