A.M. Thawn (fr nbg) + Eve Massacre (sa weimar) + mash up correctiun

Please, don’t miss the A.M. THAWN show tomorrow!
They are a really really good live band and it’s great to have them finally playing in Nuremberg again!


Fr, 30.Nov Zentralcafé K4 21:30 Uhr 6 Euro

A.M. Thawn are back and their new album sounds awesome! Nuremberg people might know them from their first release cause it was published on The Robocop Kraus’ label Swing deluxe, then they released on Day After Rec. Whenn I last saw them live in Bochum they gave me exactly that kind of post-wave-punk-mix that I wished Q And Not U wouldn’t have lost. A.M. Thawn are pure boiling energy, full of rhythm kicks and wonderful melodic hooklines, and if the world was fair they would be famous by now. Instead of becoming famous they kept on expanding their sound and on their new album integrates some kind of fascinating psychedelic 70s Beat and Prog Rock, that in some moments reminded me of Liars, Arcade Fire or Grizzly Bear.

You can already listen to some of the new songs on www.myspace.com/amthawn. Seriously: Don’t miss it, this should be fun!

After them, ca. 11 pm, you can dance on to beautiful wave and electropop and dance punk from SUICIDE A GOGO DJ Quirin.

* _ *

I’ve just confirmed a last minute EVE MASSACRE dj gig in Weimar on Saturday, 1st of December! Gerberstr.!


There will be movies, discussions, lectures, Martin Büsser will be reading and there will be live acts, for example these guys:


and this guy


and later in the night you’ll get me djing you safely through the night.

* _ *

The last mash up I had uploaded for you – A SWEET BIT DIXY” (Switch + Peaches + Neil Diamond + KRS + Aretha Franklin), well…. I had uploaded the wrong version: it was diamond-free. Now you can get the REAL track from the same webpage.

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