“My oh my” – a couple of dates and words

“I believe in women – my oh my
I believe in lovin’ – my oh my
Don’t a woman need a man?”
Well, after reading this entry in my friend Emily’s blog I dare say no.

Hope you are doing fine, my known and unknown friends, in this spooky time of the year when so many people seem to be haunted by vain ideas of a perfect xmas holiday. You’re not? Well, you’re not alone.

You can read a kind of ‘Best Of 2007’ thing from me and some other Nuremberg music people here.

I’ve added some new dates and this is a list of those at which I have the pleasure to dj / play live:

24th of december k4 nbg
with my dj mates paluka + jool + doomy
for the haunted and lonely and brokenhearted but all the others may come and party with us too. 🙂

31st of december k4 nbg
Sophisticated Boom Boom and friends

19th of january rote sonne munich
dj+live with beißpony, electric indigo, riotnotdiet djs and black bunny

25th of january k4 nbg
with live act: DES ARK

15th of february k4 nbg
benefit party for kaff of subculture with djs of

23rd of february desi nbg

And as always I’m open for bookings, drop me a line on myspace or mail to: eve@evemassacre.de

* _ *

My recommendation for this week-end: On Saturday it’s your last chance to dance to the beats of ELEKTRONISCH ROCKEN this year, and on Sunday JO SNYDER of 60 STORIES and ANTHEM RED will play at the K4, supported by PETE THE PIRATE SQUID!

* _ *

My trip to the ‘Free Your Gender’ days in Weimar was a mixed pleasure thing: I went there by train, using one of those special tickets that are quite cheap but let you only use regional trains. It was a pain in the ass as I missed one train because another had been too late and then had to wait for an hour on a tiny ice cold station in the middle of nowhere. Took my six hours to get to Weimar. ICEs rule. It was such a pleasure that Mik, a friend of mine, awaited me at the station when I arrived. It was so good to meet him again. We went to the venue and it was almost 11 pm when we arrived, so I sadly had missed the whole theory part and the first band. Martin Büsser had read and it was nice to meet him again. Mik and Martin and me had a nice chat and I only watched Noisy Pig from afar but it looked fun, electro trash with a casio feel and costumes and pitched vocals. Then it was my turn to dj and at first it was a bit awkward as the pitch of only one of the cd players worked and I was a bit stressed out by that but that feeling disappeared soon and I found back to my usual ‘I can only do the best I can, like it or not’ stance and from then on it was fun. I was surprised that even at a squat-like location like that people prefer to dance to electronic music. I tried three times to cross over to guitar stuff but that didn’t work, which is sad cause I really miss hearing my favourite guitar tunes loud in a club. It was fun though and I didn’t stop before half past five in the morning. Then some nice girl showed me my sleeping room but there already was a drunk punk sleeping and it took ages to get him out. In the end we pulled him with the mattress he was lying on out of the room. I insisted on having that room for myself. I don’t need a hotel or something but I require a piece of privacy to function properly. I woke up a couple of times cause the door opened and closed but when I got up next noon there was nobody around. I washed at not exactly the cleanliest of all tubs and still saw and heard no one. Downstairs I met a guy who couldn’t help me so I texted one of the promoters and we agreed that it was easiests when I leave and get breakfast on the train and get my fee transferred. The trainride home was more relaxing. It only took 4 hours and I didn’t have to wait very long for connecting trains and most of the time listened to the final Potter audiobook cause I was too hungover to read. It was already evening when I arrived back in Nuremberg. Feeling exhausted and a bit dirty after not having showered and all I didn’t go to the Schwervon show at the K4 that night but Tommy sent us pictures he has taken and I will try to upload them tomorrow so you can see them too. I heard lots of good things from the show and it indeed looks like it was fun.

* _ *

I find it hard to believe that it’s already been a year since my mother has died. It’s not like I think of her all the time but I surely miss her. Especially the last two weeks or so I felt a bit weird. Trying to analyze myselff I guess I have to accept that it has to do with the date of her death. I cry easily. Today I cried when I found one of the fangs of my cat lying at her usual resting place. It’s not bad, I’ve been told old cats can do without their fangs but he looks so miserable with his one fang left. I have the tv on a lot, not really watching but to keep every part of my mind busy while working so my thoughts can’t travel, so I’m safe from sadness, so I’m save from feeling lonely. Lies? Maybe. Of course I could go and meet friends but I feel incapable of small talk. Talking about organising stuff? Yes. Making plans? Yes. Being thankful for others distracting me with their interesting stories? Yes. But not just talking talking. Not saying something polite while someone bores you to death. Makes me aggressive and restless and I sigh too much. I don’t like myself being that way so I rather stay at home as much as possible and I have enough work to do here and rather write with internet friends cause they can switch me off when they get tired of the Eeyore style Eve. Meow.

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