“Countless horrible creatures” – Schwervon pix and a nu mash up

“My countless horrible creatures
Complicated undersea secrets
If I didn’t go diving there
With a spear gun, knife and flare
How would I ever make it through?”
John Vanderslice, ‘Dead Slate Pacific’

Tonight DIE TÜREN will play at the K4, supported by DIE PERLEN. I’m pretty picky about german language pop music so I’m especially curious how it will be.

Here’s another bootleg mix for you, one that I had made for a compilation GYBO‘s MCSLEAZY wanted to release but as it seems it isn’t ever going to happen I’ll share it with you now. Some of you might have already danced to it at Sophisticated Boom Boom or whereever else I’ve played it.

You can download the MP3 it from this little page.

It is dedicated to Jool of Elektronisch Rocken (good friends and a truly outstanding dj team) because of that beautiful moment when once he danced his ass off when I was playing “Poison” pitched up as fast as possible.

* _ *

As promised, here are the pictures Tommy has taken before/at/after the SCHWERVON show at the K4 and belated happy birthday wishes to Chris Hellfire!

* _ *

In other funny news I have finally got myself together to make an eve massacre last.fm artist profile and have uploaded three songs of my wonderful new doublemini-cd – which took aaaages! – only to end up with a message telling me that I “tried to edit the profile of an artist  who’s popular on last.fm” and that last.fm first have to approve of that. Guess I should take it as a compliment.

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