“Lights out” – happy new year, my friends!

“Lights out for the cynical sharks”

Guess what, the only new year’s resolution I have is to blog more regularly again.

Last night’s party was nice. We had spend hours to decorate on Sunday and it looked awesome and disgusting at the same time. Last night us djs took turns spinning some tunes and doing the entry. It was all pretty relaxed and careless, just like I love it. Thanks to everyone who made it such a friendly and fun night. It’s so great to be able to do things like that with people like you.
Oh, and I still can’t believe it was the last night we could smoke freely and the last night without that whole data retention crap. Feels weird to know that now all our calls and emails and thanks to mobiles even our locations can be tracked. It’s even scary to think that we might get used to it and lean back.
Happy new year anyway!
* _ *

There is a fine line between cynicism and cruel derogative humor. Cynicism can be a wonderful thing to help you go on even when you realise that your idea and ideals will never fully come true and when you think you’ve given in to too many compromises. Like Beckett’s “fail again, fail better”. It was my standard type of humor but I’m not so sure about it anymore because today people so often use it in a plain derogative way. In a way that shows off that they don’t care about anything as if caring means weakness and who wants to be weak?

Ach, I guess I have a late attack of christmas/new year’s sentimentality.

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