“I don’t need a number”

“I dont need a number
I just wanna dance with my shirt off
and I dont want no other
I just wanna dance”

I’ve finally bothered to make a proper EVE MASSACRE LAST.FM artist profile. You can find it right thurr.

I’ve added a new show: On the 9th of February you can find me djing at the Gieszer16 in Leipzig. If someone wants me to dj or play somewhere between Leipzig and Nuernberg on the 8th, drop me a line and we can test if I can still handle partying two nights in a row.

* _ *

Last night after the Kenzaris and Nihilists’ show a girl started talking to me about music, how she was totally into Wire and stuff. It reminded me how goddamn rare female music nerds are. It feels so good if from time to time you stumble into a fellow female who is totally opinionated about music beyond ‘oh this song is nice’.

Yesterday I’ve also once more recognised how little I share the point of view that technical skills make quality music. Guys who talk like that make me want to start a dilettant no-fi chaospop-band right now.

Another thing I’ve learned is: Don’t buy peel off nail polish. I fell for the cute Alessandro colors and thought it might be nice not to have to use some shitty nail remover. It’s off in a couple of hours if you don’t really are careful how you touch things. It’s the extraordinarily wrong nail polish to pick if you are a smoker at a non-smoking bar. I scratched it off within minutes just cause I didn’t know what to do with my hands. Oh, I miss the combined pleasure of loud music, alcohol and smoking so much. Especially when it’s raining and cold outside. You know, I’m one of those ‘social smokers’ (yesyesyes, i knoooow… smoking in public is unsocial per se yaddayaddayadda). What I mean is: I never smoke alone at home or when I’m working at the computer. It’s something I only enjoy when I’m out chatting with people. Just like drinking beer. I reject feeling guilty and weak for that. It’s a simple pleasure and I wish there’d just be some alternative places allowed.

What I do feel a bit guilty for is having pretended not to mind when a woman who got married a couple of months ago suddenly has switched from using his name to only referring to him as ‘my husband’. Makes me sick but I’m too polite to even just ask if she recognises that change. It’s got that bad aftertaste of a ‘now I’ve finally caged my man’ cliche. Being ‘not complete’ without an ‘other’ is one of the strongest role cliches women have to deal with. For a guy it’s more acceptable, it’s cool to be the lone wolf while for a woman it’s all ‘she must feel lonely/desperate’, ‘she is obsessed by her career’, ‘no guys/women want her’ etc. Some female friends of mine had a serious problem with that and just got into unhappy relationships to avoid being pitied. Pleeeeeeeaase. Sod it. I tell thee: If you get over those comments life as single woman in 2k+ is acer than ever. Take that from someone who hasn’t been in a relationship in ages.

EDIT: I think what annoys me is when it’s active and seeminly self-conscious women who suddenly give in to that kind of conservative couple behavior as if it was the real thing. You know what I mean? For years they have their own interests and are inspiring and it’s important to them to be defined by what they do and who they are and suddenly they switch to be defined by their husband or child, and the person you used to know and like somehow gets lost. Of course that does not just happen with marriage, it also with regular relationships and of course there are married people who are not like that at all but let me enjoy to be a bit overgeneralising here.

To bring this blog to a close here’s a Poe lolcat:

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