“Dorothy dreams of tornados”

“Dorothy is dreaming of tornados”

DES ARK were awesome. If anyone wants to drive to see them in Würzburg on Thursday, 31st of January, I think I’d be up to go see them again. The more quiet stuff was good but the louder songs really impressed me. Such depth in such young kids. There goes the music nerd prejudice that an artist has to be a bit older to have made all the haunting experiences that it takes to come up with such intense music. Go see Des Ark live! Go fall in love with them too. The HOMO tattoo gave me a big happy smile.
SOPHISTICATED BOOM BOOM was a bit too quiet. Guess all the people were either at the 80s party at the Stereo or at the 90s party at the Desi. The warm womb of nostalgia. I won’t complain though as there were still enough people to make it a cheerful night. Thanks for the compliments, thanks for the dancing, thanks for the smiles. Here are some pictures:

I have finally finished my remix for SHOKEI yesterday, for their split with PETE THE PIRATE SQUID. I’ll put it on my myspace player soon if they give me the ‘okay’.

I watched lots of TORCHWOOD, my new favourite british tv series. It’s a Dr. Who spin off in a Buffy spirit. It has lots of silly absurd ideas and is pretty queer. It steals from dozens of genres though basicall it’s a bit like a CSI squad for aliens, drifting off into fantasy, trash, ghosts, time travelling, one episode is like fight club with aliens, another has Spike from Buffy in it, playing a character that reminded me of Enterprise-Q dressed up as Adam Ant, or yet another has aliens that feed of human orgasms, it has lots of GLBT love/sex, and it dares even to go a bit splatter/gore-ish. The second season started a bit so-la-la, too ‘cool’ in an american-tv-style for my taste but it’s just into the second episode by now, so it’s too soon to say it’s going down.

“It might be some pretend place where bluebirds sing and there’s a whisky spring”
R.I.P. Heath Ledger
Just for his part in Brokeback Mountain his death touched me at least for a moment.

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