Sophisticated Boom Boom tonight + new eve massacre song up!

“You don’t get well no more”
Elvis Costello

Tonight: Sophisticated Boom Boom at the DESI!

I can’t believe how long I’ve been stuck with the flu by now. This whole month had me fine only on very few days, just to crash again on the next. I’m still ill but won’t miss Sophisticated Boom Boom tonight cause I will go mad if I sit home another day. So hooray to the snotty party fun! I guess I’ll wear some respiratory mask thing for the safety of the dance.

Last night I quickly made a short new song, a fast-paced emo-rave track.
Here’s the MP3:

Eve Massacre – “So Sick” MP3

The stunningly elaborate lyrics go:

I’m so sick
I feel so sorry for myself
I’m so sick
Oh, my poor head implodes
I will go mad if i don’t get well pretty soon
Just so that one day someone can write something like ‘in this song the long-suffering artist dealt with her illness and the unbearable ennui that came with it’.

Oh my, at least my poor kind of humor is back.
Hope my ability to focus on a clear thought will follow soon.

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