“Faster than a lazer bullet” – SHOKEI remix online!

“Faster than a lazer bullet
Louder than an atom bomb”
Judas Priest

I had the pleasure of remixing SHOKEI‘s “Hot Topic” and now I got their ‘okay’ for putting it online for you. It will be released on their forthcoming album ‘Painkiller’ (Narshaarda / Altin Village Rec.) so see it as a teaser and go buy the album when it’s out. I’ve heard two songs today and they sound amazing.

Shokei – Hot Topic (Care Bear Stare version by eve massacre) MP3

* _ *

From tomorrow on I might or might not be offline for a while because I switch my internet provider. I hope it won’t take too long. I don’t even have an old modem to go online using internet-by-call. I already feel the pre-withdrawal-pain… they mentioned something that it could take up to 10 days…

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