New MASSACRE MIX online!


MP3 shiny 192kbps 82mb:

MP3 shabby 96kbps 41mb:

The plan was to make a plain mix that compiles a bit of the music I actually play out when I’m djing and not to get led off the track by all the possibilities of cutting up, mashing up, etc. like it usually happens to me. It is the first mix I’ve made with Ableton and I was busy struggling to get used to the new software so the mix has really turned out dancier but also less creatively-cluttered. Guess it’s the straightest mix I’ve made since the ‘Helpless Fool for Music’ one.
Hope you enjoy it.

P.S.: I wanted to add some words about what some of the tracks mean to me and maybe I will add that later but right now I’m in too much of a bad and weak and numb and stupid mood for writing much personal stuff. I hate being stuck in such a down.

P.S.P.S.: edit: I’ve changed the download links now. Sorry for the crappy ones you got before.

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