“Cheer me up” – Hey Willpower, Rebel Music, EM Flags

“If you can cheer me up I could learn to love you” Descendents

Hey Willpower was adorable. R’n’B pop at its best. And when I say R’n’B I mean really good R’n’B like back from “Bills Bills Bills” or TLC-“Waterfalls” times. There were two nice cover versions in the set, Architecture I.H.’s ‘Heart It Races’ and Annie’s ‘Chewing Gum’. And Tomo must have sweated to death in his cat-sweater. It was appreciated. It was a really nice cat-sweater. Hell, it was the most heart-warming and positive show I’ve been to since last year’s Ted Leo show. The kind of show that leaves me brimming with new energy to face all the crap in the world. There weren’t that many people showing up but it was great to see how everyone who was there turned out to be bewitched by Will’s charme and everybody went home with a big smile on their faces. Magic. I asked if they please could come back in a month and play again, or even monthly but I don’t think Will really considered it. Tsk. If I remember it right the interview that Tobi has made with him will be aired on Radio Z next Monday. A big big thank you to Quirin to get them to play in Nuremberg.

I’ve uploaded a few more snapshots in the pictures section at www.evemassacre.org
There I’ve also finally uploaded the photos from the final Sophisticated Boom Boom party, the We Are Wolves show, and of Mochipet and The Death Set!

* _ *

Tonight I’ll dj at Rebel Music night at the Desi. It will be a journey through four decades of danceable rebellious underground culture, from black power soul via reggae, punk and post-punk, hardcore and indie and hiphop to the non-commercial trends of today’s electronic music.

Redcar of Here Comes Conclusion and me will take care of the guitar tunes of this swooshy night. It starts at 11 pm. I haven’t played guitar music out in quite a while and it should be fun!
Should I take “Anarcho punx are mysterious” by Against Me or “Only Anarchists Are Pretty” by World/Inferno? Have Bambix drunk too much Jägermeister over the years for me to still play their ‘Explain it’ and will I play Le Tigre’s ‘Deceptacon’ even though it has been used for some tv ad? Is Minutemen’s ‘Fascist’ too short to dance to? Is Big Boys too funky to be played amongst the guitar tunes? Is Xiu Xiu’s ‘Support The Troops oh’ too long and slow even though it’s my favourite anti-war song? Is Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon’s ‘Will The Fetus Be Aborted’ too country? It’s fun to pick those tunes and I can’t wait for tonight.

* _ *

We had tried to keep our musikverein-shows free of flags and flag-wearers. Two reasons: The obvious nationalism and the fact that the later the night the more of the people who wear that stuff disturb the show/party for other guests with drunken comments and out of place football cheering. Well, it looks like we can’t. It’s a public building in which we are putting up our shows and it’s owned by the city, so the law seems to say we are not allowed to exclude someone because he carries or wears a national flag cause that’d be discrimination.

This whole consumerist euphoria/hate spectacle that the euro cup is seems boring and scary and annoying at the same time. Doesn’t it show how easily people can be mobilized to become a collective mob that has zero acceptance for those who are ‘different’? Even if ‘different’ means people who simply are not interested in that game. You get it forcefed. It doesn’t add sympathy points that professional football still is a repressive hotbed for patriotism edging on nationalism, homophobia and sexism. Under the mask of ‘it’s just a game’ and ‘no one means it seriously, it’s just fun’ the most conservative mindsets get reinforced in the mainstream and by the mainstream. The tone of conversation at public viewings or even in the bus or underground is set to bar room clichés, and if you don’t cheer in, or if you dare to criticise when someone says a bad player ‘plays like a woman’ or that if a players moves look a bit dancy he’s called ‘gay’ in a derogative way, well – for any bad word about that joyful football community you quickly get the whole spirit of ‘you’re either with us or against us’ in your face bukkake style.
Well, that’s euro cup democracy for you: You get forced to swallow the discriminations that are mainstream and you get forbidden to discriminate against people who wear flags. Boo-hoo. Rant over.

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