“Are you fagetarian?” – ORCHID party tonight

Tonight finally our first queer party in Nuremberg comes true: ORCHID (www.myspace.com/orchidclubbing). I miss my little cat like hell but partying down the sadness is about the best thing you can do in the face of death and after having spend houuuuurs last night with Quirin working on decoration, I’m more than ready for it. I haven’t been so excited about a party in a while, and I guess that’s because its motif isn’t only based on a vague idea of fun and some music genre(s) but also on an ‘attitude’. I’m really glad that Thomas Lechner took my invitation to dj cause his Candy Club parties in Munich are, next to the No No No! night in Leipzig (where I’ll be guest on the 20th of September with our wonderful Elektronisch Rocken boys, and it’ll be my birthday – woot!) and the Poopsy Club in Berlin (where I’ll be djing and live-ing on September 26th)… well, those parties where the kicks in the ass it took me to finally put up a queer party in Nuremberg too. I thought it was a shame that my hometown – despite of having lots of nice underground parties and wonderful people dancing their asses off there – has no queer party.

What else to say… Well, I came up with the slogan ‘Are you fagetarian?’ by mixing up song titles by two favourite artists of mine: “Fagetarian & Dyke” by Team Dresch and “Are you fagetarian?” by Joakim, thus combining heartfelt queerpunkrocksloganeering with a sophisticated dance tune. Perfect.

The name ORCHID stuck to my mind when watching the last episodes of LOST. If I remember it correctly, it’s a fake botanical garden which houses a secret facility to move the island in time. Moving an island and all – I liked that imagery for a queer party and also the other associations the name gave me: Orchid used to be one of my favourite posthardcore bands (they sadly split years ago) and their line ‘Dance tonight, revolution tomorrow’ fits well too. Last but not least another of my favourite bands was named Monorchid and the collage-eye-mouth-flowers on the Orchid site are taken from one of their album covers.

That’s it with the information, I’m off to pester people with posting oversized flyers in their myspace comments and then it’s already time to prepare things for tonight.

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