80s mash ups / bootleg mixes

Here’s a bunch of them I’ve made a while ago, not all of them to my full satisfaction but fun anyways. At least I thought so at the time I made them.

dancing with a rolling stone” (incl. billy idol ‘dancing with myself’)

f_ck-k-k the pop-p-pressssure away” (incl. men without hats ‘pop goes the world’ and sigue sigue sputnik’s love missile)

fade / disappear” (incl. visage’s “fade to grey” with some eve massacre vocals and the faint)

love sun or hate sun it shines on tv” (not so old, has some a-ha in it)

me and the fake prince” (adam ant. i love him. there’s also calexico and the robocop kraus in this one)

melt in heaven” (the sparks’ ‘no. 1 song in heaven’ and the captain future theme and me singing ‘dry your eyes mate’ over it. not so sure about it anymore but it’s such a pinksugarcloudfrostedtrashpiece of music that i had to include it here)

money generation” (incl. grandmaster flash)

song to bring sexy back” (actually one of my faves though i’ve never played it out, it has bauhaus ‘she’s in parties in it’)

soupcats serve danger” (incl. depeche mode’s ‘master and servant’ and the soup dragons)

stressedest dancer” (not sure if it counts as mash up, maybe it’s just a cut up – justice with bits and pieces of sister sledge and michael jackson)

sweet as neurotic indie trash boys” (one of the best 80s italoelectrosongs ever, trans x, ‘living on video’ with moldy peaches and others)

too fucked to drink” (has animotion and malcom maclarens’ ‘madame butterfly’ in it, next to bits of different versions of ‘too drunk to fuck’ by the dead kennedys. and some björn leineweber)

when silhouettes cry” – (prince and postal service)

3 thoughts on “80s mash ups / bootleg mixes

  1. Some of these mixes are how I first found out about you… the visage / faint one is a particular favourite. Very pleased to have them all here in one place.


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