“There are centipedes” – ads and holiday

“There are centipedes” – ads and holiday “Work like you dont need the money
Love like you’ve never been hurt
Dance like there are centipedes in your vagina.”
(from the avatar of a msgboard friend of mine)

Sanitary pad and tampon advertisement always has been weird but a new spot really raises it to a new level: the one in which you get bumper cars instead of the usual blue ‘body fluid replacement’ to show you how the blood won’t flow out of the pad just like them cars don’t get out of their track. Who the fuck seriously thinks the idea of bumper cars racing and bumping around in your panties while you suffer from PMS and menstrual cramps will help selling sanitary pads?!

In other news I’ve taken two weeks holiday but haven’t really been strict enough on this. Instead I’ve been running around thinking ‘OMG we forgot to organise this’ and ‘will X think of Y? i’ll better remind him’ and so on. The running around part is just metaphorically spoken. I’ve spent too much time physically motionless during the last couple of days and my body tells me so. I’ve been feeling uncomfortable for quite a while,  for psychological reasons too, and taking that two week break was at least one step to start changes. Well, to make today a bit more holiday-like I’ve slept nine hours and have just loaded my mp3 player with Charlotte Link’s “Der fremde Gast” as audiobook read by Gudrun Landgrebe and will go for a long walk after breakfast. Me in nature. OMG.Wish me well.

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