“Called a telephone” – eve massacre interview, Jon Spencer BX & Cobra Killer pix up

People used what they called a telephone because they hated being close together and they were scared of being alone.” Chuck Palahniuk

Jenny Woolworth
wrote some nice words and published an interview with me on her newish blog about women in punk. I won’t deny that it’s flattering to be featured on a blog next to women like Jessie Evans (The Vanishing, Autonervous).
Check it out here.

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On Monday we had The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Cobra Killer playing at the K4. Cobra Killer to me were all about a destructive/destroyed version of beauty (cliches), musically as well as visually. I wondered how much it hurts to walk in the high heels they wore. That’s what I call auto-violent dancing. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had even set that hula hoop on fire.

JSBX were all about the pure basic raw and sexy and soulful roots of rock. Heavily distorted rhythmic goodness.

It was too crowded so I didn’t go upfront. I put some snaps up in the pictures section on www.evemassacre.org.

* _ *

I’ve just unwrapped another Palahniuk book. ‘Choke’. I already love it after just having scanned the first couple of pages. He’s brilliant in packaging dark absurd cynic nihilism in catchy writing. His novels deal with hopelessness and anger in countless entertaining shapes but somehow his conclusion doesn’t seem to be total fatalism, no, instead there’s always that subversive undertone that leaves you at least with a shadow of hope.
P.S.: “Fight for your right to mirrorball!”
Will we soon re-enact Footloose in the nbg city centre? If you want to keep track of what’s going on with the problems of nightlife in nuremberg in words of club and bar owners themselves check back to that site, there will be more blogs coming up!

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