“Starts to dance” – 1st of 11 Kill The Poor parties tonight

“She’s all made up like she’s got something to sell
But no one cares right now
as she starts to dance
She’s all messed up somewhere up her head
But no one cares right now as she starts to dance”

Tonight we’ll have the first of the KILL THE POOR parties, a series of an eleven point party program to destroy boredom in music.
I hope we will suceed in doing so.
I’m hosting and djing it with my dear friends Tobi L., Quirin and Discobert.
I’m a bit excited though I already know it will be fun. even if no one shows up. (Which may be silly to think but I’m the mistress if it comes to bad prophecies for a party.)

* _ *

There are hardly any other news. I got my wonderful fast-as-a-shark computer. I sometimes stumble over missing software I have yet to import from my old computer. It made me smile that Deleuze & Guattari have Mouse On Mars’ “actionist respoke’ as their myspace profile song. I spend hours making Zorro masks for Kill The Poor while watching really bad late night tv: Stephen King’s ‘Desperation’. My favourite new Firefox add-on is ‘Coloured Tabs’. There are far too many bands we like on tour in November, we could book a show for every day. I have to find some way to organise my djing bags. I have yummy self-made veggie-pizza left from yesterday that I will eat now.

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