“You in my pocked” – good vs bad

“I wish that I could keep you in my pocket,
So I could play with you all the time.” Muscles

I’ve made a good/bad things list of the last week and the good things clearly have won.

+ Haider ridding himself from the political scenery for us

+ Reich-Ranicki’s little anti-crap-tv éclat

+ the Electric Pony Noises party for nice music and the unicorn stamps

+ Getting told I got played on Zündfunk again

+ Endzeit Festival, loved it. Especially:

+ Im Gebüsch for playing such a fun show despite having the not-so-nice opening slot

+ the Endzeitkomitee for all the work and their choice of bands and the rather smooth organisation

+Dear Mr. Stagemanager who also recorded everything for Radio Z

+ the bar & door crew

+ Ibsen for the music and the energy and fun with which they play it

+ Moon Tiara Action, the soap bubble machine and the enthusiasm and the neon vibrator guitar action

+ Hummmel and the Hummmelvolk and the music and the button and for being so furrily nice

+ tipsy chatting and smoking outside on the street

+ the new An Albatross album and Les Savy Fav’s ‘3/5’ album

+ that I will be getting a new cat soon

+ that I haven’t missed the chimney sweeter again today

+ that I’m not totally broke

– failing in watching and taking pictures of all bands at the endzeit festival (the pictures i’ve taken are uploaded at the musikverein myspace) and hearing about grumpy soundguys and shoddy movies

– that there are people who mistake anti-sexism and a sense of style for conservatism and prudery

– Having lost a filling and breaking a part of one of my teeth yesterday and being too stupidly brainlessly scared of dentists to visit one before it hurts

– unhappy friends I can’t really console

– the few kids who spoiled the Electric Pony Noises party for some of us cause they think they need to cheat at us and behave like assholes while we’re trying everything to keep our parties cheap and friendly

– Taxi drivers and indieboys who use ‘Schwuchtel’ (faggot) as an insult

– The semi-lame Tatort last night

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