“Cowabunga!” – Please welcome Ninja!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Please welcome His Cuteness, the mighty NINJA! After a couple of days hiding behind cupboards and in the oven he now proudly struts his new home, bravely fights wine corks and cotton reels and shadows and shows us who the real dominator of massacre mansion is. ‘Don Quixote’ might have been an even more aproppriate name but ‘Ninja’ is far nicer to call.

* _ *

I’ve not put up last weeks Castrop playlist yet. Here you go:

LOS CAMPESINOS! – Death To Los Campesinos! (Napoleon III Remix)
BIS – Action & Drama
MANDA RIN – Typeface
BAD DUDES – Eat Drugs
DELAY – Lightnin Storm
DELAY – Everything You Hate
CHRIS CLAVIN – Nothin compares 2U
BODI BILL – Nothin compares 2U
BODI BILL – I Like Holden Caulfield
KATIE STELMANIS – In my favour
FUCKED UP – I Hate Summer
THE DEATH OF ANNA KARINA – Me And Wittgenstein Down In The Street By The Schoolyard
RAEIN – Tigersuit
DES ARK – Lord of the ring and his fascist time keepers

Some shows I recommend for the upcoming week:

18.11. BANG BANG ECHE + MOON TIARA ACTION (Twister, Neumarkt)
19.11. DELAY + CHRIS CLAVIN (Desi, Nürnberg – free show!)
21.11. THE SHOW IS THE RAINBOW (live) + EVE MASSACRE (live+dj-set) + ANTARES (Electric Pony Noises DJ)

* _ *

Last week was as much fun as it was exhausting. On Wednesday An Albatross and Yip-Yip and Team Robespierre played a raw and fun show that made me very happy. A few snapshots are up in the photo section of www.evemassacre.org

It was wonderful to meet the An Albatross boys again and to have time for a nice late night chat in my kitchen and it was a pleasure to get to know Yip-Yip too. The next day was a bit blurred, a long late breakfast at noon till I had to kick everyone out to say goodbye cause I had to go to Radio Z to do Castrop. The radio show didn’t go that well. Any turtle would have beaten my reaction time. I had some unintentional breaks and the multitasking was pretty hard. Well, once more I promised myself not to abuse alcohol before busy days. That night we had Bodi Bill and Katie Stelmanis playing at the K4 which was nice too but I only watched it from the back of the room, sitting at the bar. Although she seemed to be a very nice person I was a bit happy when I heard she decided to stay with a friend in Bamberg instead of staying at my house. It was good to have half a day on my own to recover and clean things up and all. On Friday we had our second Kill The Poor party and I first was extremely grumpy – sorry again, Q-Dogg! – cause the dolphins I had ordered for deco hadn’t arrived but then it turned into a real solid good mooded party night and I would like to thank everyone who was involved and the guests who danced to our wild silly mixture. You were an awesome crowd. I don’t think there are many people on this planet who enjoy such a diverse set. It ranged from Von Südenfed to The Deathset, from bouncy bassline house to straight noisy techno, delicious disco funkiness too, of course, and M.I.A. and  Best Fwends, and one really nice moment was to see people dance like loons to less well-known indiepunk stuff at prime time (for example when Quirin played Parts&Labor and Cap’n Jazz). I would have loved to play even more breakcore too, but the night was too short. It was a pleasure and I’m thankful that there are people enjoy that kind of party. (The only thing that sucked was that again there were jacket thieves around. We’re really sorry about that but we can’t do anything else than offering a cloakroom.)

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