“Let me be your problem!”

“Let me be your VST!
Come on, come on, let me be your problem!”
Lost in the Supermaki

sisters and brothers and everyone inbetween!
one last reminder for tonight and let me say: your visit would make us mucho happy.

the doors will not open before 11:00, then first i’ll do my set.
i will not only play my newer tracks and mash ups but i also feel like reviving one or two songs of LOST IN THE SUPERMAKI (www.myspace.com/lostinthesupermaki), the breaksycasiocorechaospop-project of me and casioheart/ckid/pillowdiver. (although it won’t be the same with him not around.)
then you’ll get the chance to witness a THE SHOW IS THE RAINBOW show which will sure turn the room into a laughing dancing sweaty mess.
afterwards ANTARES of ELECTRIC PONY NOISES and me will dj you through the rest of the night.
superprops go out to simon for organising this so nicely. he even promised us spätnächtliche häppchen. and thanks to BR one3radio for having me for a little interview about tonight.

other news:

JD TWITCH of OPTIMO ESPACIO of whom i’ve been a really big fan since years will come to dj at our little k4 space on the 10th of january.

i think my cat has fallen in love with the sound of my notebook’s ventilation cause the last two days he sleepily rested as close to it as possible and both had a purring contest.

the more the line up for our next little M TO THE V Fest (on the 24th of january) grows, the happier i become. the following bands/acts/djs are confirmed by now:

a brandnew female songwriter from Nuremberg called JUANA
and the chaoscore kids of X-RAY CHARLES!
and we’re not even finished yet.

I’ve been to two shows this week: Moon Tiara Action and Bang! Bang! Eche! in Neumarkt. MTA were fun, even with their music being a bit torn and twisted by the bad sound. BBE were pure energy that made me forget that I had already been a bit tired of ‘dance punk’. They are really raw and wild and an awesome liveband. All in all I may say that I felt seriously old at that show cause most of the audience was under 18. Scary shit, hehe. They made for a great crowd though cause they danced like loons. On Wednesday I went to see Delay and Chris Clavin at the Desi which was a bit more quiet. I guess they are too d.i.y. for an indie crowd and too melodic for a punk/hardcore crowd and they are not mentioned in the ‘right’ zines. It was a nice intimate fun show though and the bar room of the desi turned out to be a wonderful location for it.

well, now i’m off to make some glittering butterflies for the deco tonight and hope a few of you will turn up.
i. am. excited.

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