“Is this me of caffeine? – saddo castrop playlist

“and i can tell by your weight to the world that you need to have it all
and i can tell by the weight of your words that you call political
and i would beat you up if i could make me feel like a boy again
you make violence feel so good, like it should, like it should
is this me or caffeine?” Karate

Saddo Castrop Playlist 11.dec 2008

Hederos & Hellberg – No fun
Low – Two-Step
Des Ark – The Lord of the rings and his fascist timekeepers
Karate – Caffeine or me?
The Black Heart Procession – Guess I’ll forget you
Gregor Samsa – Jeroen Van Aken
PlusMinus – Marina
David Sylvian – Blemish (Burnt Friedman rmx)
Antony & The Johnsons – Another World
Cat Power – Schizophrenia Weighted Me Down

It has been one of those weeks in which I seemed to dissolve in work like the aspirin I will put into a big glass of clear cold water tomorrow morning. Like losing any sign of personality, like being reduced to an interface. Thinking back I can’t even memorize all the little tasks that kept me so busy and that’s the unsatisfying part of it. Even doing the washing up and laundry seems satisfying in such weeks because they give you a clean product you can hold in your hands. In such periods I find it hard to write because there doesn’t seem to be anything to write about. Which is not true because on other days even the bus I’ve missed seems to provoke a whole blog entry. It’s not the world that’s out of shape, it’s me. Well, I’m better today. And I’m off to the annual Soulweekender at the K4. And maybe the SellfishKommodorePonies afterwards cause it’s such a short walk there. Or Swayzak at Electric Dog? Or the Heilige Liga? Too many options tonight…

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