Optimo Night!

‘ello, ‘ello, as you already might be aware of:

Elektronisch Rocken and Eve Massacre will be djing tonight at the K4 with a very special guest: JD TWITCH from Glasgow, JD TWITCH of OPTIMO fame.

Me personally, I’m pretty excited because reading some OPTIMO ‘manifesto’ was the spark that kicked my ass into starting the Sophisticated Boom Boom club night in Nuremberg. Back then I was a bit tired of the parties that played just one kind of music, and when I read about Optimo’s openminded, diverse and adventurous musical policy, with a big love for music that you just felt between the lines, I felt like that was just what I was missing in my hometown at that time and it was good to get my ass in gear and to try filing that gap with our Sophisticated Boom Boom nights. Ever since then I had hoped to one day either get the chance to fly over to Glasgow and visit one of their nights or get them here. It took more than two years and wouldn’t have happened without the help of Flo of Boozoo Bajou / Juke Joint to make the dream come true and have JD TWITCH of OPTIMO djing here in Nuremberg.

There is a REALLY good and interesting blog entry about JD TWITCH and OPTIMO right HERE. It’s well worth reading and it also has a tracklist and mp3 of an ‘Essential Mix’ by OTPIMO. And it has a bunny as header pic.

We’ve already given you vague explanations about what kind of music he might play tonight. If that gave you just the idea of a music nerd’s musical journey rather than an ordinary dance dj set that sure is true but maybe doesn’t sound like half as much fun as we think it will be. So I thought I better add this clip of Optimo djing in the Soulwax tent of some festival to show that it will also be plain simple jumparound fun:

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