“Home is where the fear is” – new song

eve massacre – “Home is where the Fear is” (rough version) mp3

home is where the fear is

you stood there
all part of the crowd
that you stand out

the shadow of a scare
hanging above you like a cloud
is giving you away
no need to speak out

home is where the fear is
don’t go home tonight

you have that look about you
as if it was perfectly clear
that you got no way out
that you can only try to disappear
and forget for one night of getting high

then you turn all cinderella
and turn yourself back in

is it still called stockholm syndrome
when it’s served within the family?

don’t go home tonight
home is where the fear is

could there be life after pressure?
or would you fall apart?
would there be life after pressure?
or would you simply fall apart?
why not find it out

These are the lyrics to a new song I’ve just finished. It’s the kind of music that sounds best with the nasal voice a cold gives you. I even picked up my old fender bass guitar for it which I hadn’t used for ages. It’s only a rough version but I’ve decided it’s time to write more music, get things out, instead of getting all lost in waiting for the perfect mood and moment and the perfect idea and being all patient and fiddle about endlessly with details … At the moment I’m not patient producer enough for that approach.

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