In case you don’t know yet…

… today the wonderful people over at ACAPELLAS4U let you download as many acapellas for free as you can stomach! Might be good news for some of you (bedroom) producer types out there! 🙂

GYBO has a great silly old school rave challenge running, “Prodigify me!”. The tunes that already are up for download gave me a big big smile. Join the board and take part or listen to the entries!
The challenge thread is here, a great ’90s Rave How To’ is posted here.

… on Saturday you can go to the third event of our 11-point-party-program KILL THE POOR. As the theme will be ‘Recession’ I would come early if I were you. As two of us 4 excellent-taste-djs at the moment have Parts&Labor in their Top Ten Tunes I’d go to the Parts&Labor show tonight if I were you. 🙂

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