“Our work is never over” – new mix online (elektronisch rocken undead set)

“Our work is never over” Daft Punk

55 minutes of drunk  unicorn rave explosives. As the batteries for the MD machine that was supposed to record my Elektronisch Rocken set were empty this is not live. I put quite some editing work in some of the tracks I played so I thought I’d reconstruct the set and put it online for you at least as undead set.
Download and enjoy from here.

It was a great night. Martin and Jool did wonderful discoid beat magic and it was crowded as hell but 99% nice people. I thought it was a feelgood atmosphere all around. It was the first real warm spring night too so it also was fun to chat outside on the street. And thanks to every single one of you who danced and cheered to my set. I wasn’t sure if mixing in music from bands like Free Blood and Fuck Buttons or the NHK meets Dead Prez bit would work for a ‘prime time set’ but I didn’t want to play only sure shots. I was pretty excited but it went down well. Love you for being so openminded! And thanks for all the compliments afterwards. I should have been flattered and was somehow but it also made me feel like disappearing into thin air. Thanks for a great night!

Oh, and don’t miss Dead Prez next Monday at the DESI!!! It’s so rare that such outstanding hiphop acts come to this town! And don’t miss the Night of the Living Damenklo at the K4 on Saturday for the best in “why-so-serious”-singalong-smilealong-poppunk! And tomorrow I’ll be doing another CASTROP radio show – turn your radios or livestreams on at 3pm CEST!

Enough exlamation marks.

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