This day was far too short

This day was far too short. Wasted it with things I didn’t really have to do today but it’s good to have them off my shoulders anyway. And with some nice band bookings for next year. No big names. More in our ‘best of the underground while it still is underground’ tradition. Really great bands but I guess most of you will miss them anyway because you will still be too hungover or skint from a party you will have been to the day before of the show. Or because you have to get up early for work and some weird live show isn’t worth a tired day at work for you anymore. Or because you don’t want to waste money on a show of which you are not sure what it will be like and you rather go see bands that play exactly what you expect them to play. Or because… ? Why is it that people don’t appreciate live shows anymore? This year seems to bring that phenomenon to bands / venues of all genres and sizes.

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