“It’s been so long.” – TED LEO & THE PHARMACISTS

“It’s been so long
And I’ve been putting out the fire with gasolin.”

“It’s allright. It’s allright. It’s allright. It’s allright…”

TED LEO & THE PHARMACISTS finally were here again last night.
This song passing into “Me & Mia” live was the bestestest and most intense concert moment I’ve experienced in quite a while. Loved all the new songs too, ‘Brutalist Bricks’ is an ace album, but this was my favourite bit. And “Timorous Me”. Timeless. I wonder how often I’ve listened to those songs. It’s as if they’ve become fellow travellers who make the darker times of life a little more bearable. Little fellow travellers who help you cope. I really can’t count how often I’ve listened to them. At home, when I unwrapped the albums and read the lyrics while listening, on the road loaded on mp3 player, on mixtapes for/from friends, playing them out when djing but it’s live when they work best. Live they seem to turn into into more than music. Live those songs also are the band, they are the audience, they are soaked in the atmosphere in the room, they are the glance and smile you exchange with a friend at a certain moment of a song … you know what I mean. And if you don’t I don’t think I could make you understand with words. I would die without live shows like that. Not in a jump-off-the-Nürnberger-Fernsehturm way but I really think I would slowly pine away if you took that from me. It was so heartheatingly and at the same time undramatically punk as fuck again, everything so ‘in’ the music, such amazing melodies. I still don’t know hardly any other band whose concerts leave me with such a good feeling. Grounded, joyful, thankful to be part of a wicked community, socio-conscious-batteries recharged… yepyep, emo even.. 😉

I even feel a bit more dark-grey-weather-resistant again.
Sun, you can stay where the pepper grows, we got TED LEO & THE PHARMACISTS.

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