obligatory landscape shots from holiday at the baltic sea

I’ve been having a sweet holiday at the Baltic Sea, a gift from friends whom I’d like to thank once more cause it really was a wonderfully relaxing time. I loved the sea!
Here’s some pictures.

“I’m oh so glad they sent me away,
To have a little holiday …
Lying on the beach with my back burned rare,
The salt gets in my blisters and the sand gets in my hair…
Oh, I’m so glad they sent me away,
To have a little holiday” THE KINKS

the bit of the beach i was most at. first day with calm crystal clear water, then it got a bit windy and therefore more waves but not so clear anymore. the wind is so sweet and soothing and sooo deadly dangerous for sunburns. no crashing aeroplanes. no oil leakage.

no clue what grows here. canola? raps?
i told myself ‘at leat it’s no corn’.
i mean, me alone in a bungalow in the midst of nowhere. of course when the first night broke i instantly recalled any nature related scare film i’ve ever watched, from ‘children of the corn’ to the holiday camp of ‘friday the 13th’.

bridge, innit. over not-so-troubled fjord waters.

the fjord. pretty good job, slartibartfast.

bike way to the beach. on one day i drove this route home through a storm. got me wondering about possible bicyclemetal/lightning-interactions. i only got rain/clothes/skin/wet-to-the-bone interactions though.

nature, innit.

this looks
a) idyllic
b) like the perfect location for a horror flick
c) like the inspiration for a Jelinek hate tirade against rural patriarchal family structures.

lifeguards didn’t look like in baywatch. thank godorwhomever.

this is ‘the other’ beach by the way. felt a bit ‘lost’ after watching the final season on my first days there. (excellent final season except for the poor ending.)

‘my’ beach again. hours and hours of reading and dozing and floundering about in the water.


a ten minute walk from the bungalow i lived in.
in other words: mo’ nature.

lots of nature even. whole landscapes full of it.

again: what do you see in this picture?
a) an utterly pittoresque and peaceful place to live?
b) the potential crime scene of an absolutely comprehensible wife-runs-amok-and-kills-whole-family drama?

bike route again. sweaty biznis but fun.

view from the south window of my flat. the real flowers in the middle can’t quite match the plastic flower pots to the right and left. my renter obviously had a mild obsession with plastic flower pots (6), thermometers (5) and clocks (6).

view to the north from me flat. behind the hill you can see our tripod rulers (unsere dreibeinigen Herrscher) coming.

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