X-Mess and Radio Z Nachtclub mix

All you lonely hearted, family-less lovelies, grinches, christmas ignorers and you, too, you post-family-christmas-clubbers: Tomorrow Stefan Wagner and me will dj for you at the Zentralcafé (Künstlerhaus / K4, Nürnberg). Entry is free. We start at 11. We will play electro / guitar / pop and the inbetweens.


Tonight you can hear a two hour eve massacre mix at RADIO Z Nachtclub. At midnight. German midnight. UTC+1.
Local terrestrials in Nürnberg can listen on those old school radio machines on 95.8 mHz.
Extraterrestrials anywhere can listen to the livestream here: http://radio-z.net/Radio-Z.m3u
And on this livestream you can hear the show again tomorrow at noon. Yowsa!

EDIT: Nowsa! <3 radio z but to hell with the people put the wrong mixes on. It wasn’t mine that was aired. Grrrrrrrr!

It will be a mix of tracks I enjoyed a lot in 2010, songs from bands whose live shows were great and touched me in 2010 and a few songs from artists I’m happy to help putting up shows for in 2011. I started the mix trying to compile some kind of year’s end / best list thing but found there was far too much good music in 2010 to squeeze into a 2 hr mix so it’s just a tiny glimpse into what was ‘2010 in music’ to me. To me it was a very cool year for pop  –   from disco pop over chillwave sweetness to twee indie (regular indie rock got shockingly boring and please stop all those springsteen-alike-revivalries – uarrrghs)  –  and it was a very good year for bass music, from post funk ‘wonky’ whatever to cool post dubstep house influenced artists. James Blake’s album will be next year’s album of the year. It also was a good year for queer music, or even better: more and more openly queer artists are having a wider audience, to name but a few: Teengirl Fantasy, Des Ark, Abe Vigoda, Men, aMinus, Xiu Xiu, Salem, Owen Pallett, Hunx & His Punx… And I hope the whole witch house thing doesn’t die a quick hipster death but grows into something bigger. The potential is there. Experimental music was lively too, and from the few glimpses on it that I get, it seems to have become more diverse again. I’m thankful that there’s more than drones and postkrautfreestyle boredom again. The only thing I have found to become very rare: Angry fast twisted guitar music, edgy and ballsy/titsy, and with something to say and doing so in witty AND heartfelt ways. If you think I missed out on bands who make this kind of music please tell me! I miss my portion of grindviolencechaosheartcore! Please, youth, take back emo and screamo from those manga-crossover-metal-pop-disasters if you can’t find new ways of doing it. I want a screamochaoscore revival done only be all female and queer guys bands. That would be the coolest thing ever.

Tracklist to the mix will be posted tonight after the show.

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