INK & DAGGER show cancelled. Drummer’s missing.

INK & DAGGER’s drummer disappeared yesterday morning. When yesterday I got the booker’s desperate message ‘I thought things like this only happened in the 90s. We don’t know yet if the show can happen’ my first reaction was a laugh.


Don’t get me wrong: I’m disappointed about their show here not happening and it sucks for the work/time I put in organising the show, and I feel sorry for the band and booker cause it means a huge loss of money of which both sides don’t have plenty. No worries bout the drummer though – it doesn’t seem something bad happened to him but he just packed all his stuff and left Monday morning after their last UK show – without not even as much as a note where he went and why left for his bandmates. So they have to cancel the rest of the tour.

Still I had to smile at first cause it brought back the memories of a time when touring was so much more chaotic. Today everything is so tidily planned, even with small bands. You got mobile phones and GPS and wi-fi and bands are so much more reasonable…. we wonder how things even worked out before. Memories of driving through cities like Barcelona with just a sloppy ‘drive to city centre, ask people/punx for venue, everyone knows it’ as route description to a venue – aaah, it still seems a miracle that things like this worked out. Of course it’s good that these days tours give bookers/promoters/bands less of a headache but there’s also a bit of the excitement and suspense and adventure gone missing. The funniest and most chaotic tour anecdotes all seem to be from a long time ago. Of course it’s nice if things run smoothly all the time but…but…

So, I hope both band & missing drummer are fine and will have an extra coffee on them right now.

P.S.: I enjoyed last Saturday night quite a lot, the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH and LOVE ACADEMY show (and meeting the guys from the bands!) and Quirin + Philipp’s chaos djing afterwards! Lots of nice people, lots of good chatting, and a bit of tipsiness going on, too. Oh, although – cue obligatory moan for more guests – of course there could have been more people showing up. I’ll stay greedy about this, Nürnberg.

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