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me, 'occupy sofa' day

Last night a few people said very kind words to me about how some of the things I do matter to them or made their lives a little brighter, i.e. my efforts in spreading music I love, making club nights about more than music, to make the places I have the possibilities in a little bit more queer and more feminist and about building community for community’s sake (instead of community for profit). I’m not very good at some of this according to my standards and I’m always aware that I wouldn’t be able to do this without the support of other people. Still, as last night I might have been too tipsy, too compliment-shy or too busy djing to show how much your feedback means to me: Let me assure you, it sticks, I appreciate it, it keeps me going and feel a little less like a failure. Geez, thinking about how rarely I find the guts to go up to someone and thank them for how what they do inspires me or makes my life a little brighter: really, thank you so much!

In other news I had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and it was so much fun djing with Quirin once again. We are shameless and through being cool. Now I feel like spending the whole next year on my sofa reading and twittering and finally getting rid of that bloody cold. Handcuff me to my sofa, “Block Castor!”-style. Send tea and breakfast by drone or owls. I love you but for now I’ve chosen blankets and books.

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