Blue night

The town I live in has a few weird events in the desparate urge of making itself feel bigger. Like a cultural penis pump, if you like.

One of those events happens tonight: It’s called Blaue Nacht, blue night. I guess it’s called that because it _does_ make you kind of blue.

It is a weird mix of … erm… ‘art’ and marketing and carnival without costumes. No one knows exactly what it’s about.

But as the city has put up blue streetlights everyone goes totally FOMO & shoves through the FOMO masses.

Those who survive the shoving then ritually get as drunk as possible. Understandably so. Not only because it’s such a horribly bland event but also because ‘blue’ is a word for ‘drunk’ in german.

A taster: This year’s big attraction on the main market place: Illuminated plastic bags. Yay. Exclamation mark! Art!

This is why I am staying culturally-safe at home on my sofa tonight but shudder ever so slightly whenever a picture of it shows up in my twitter stream.

Can’t complain though: I have seen Clipping., Black Cracker, The Body and Deux Boules Vanille this week and while none of it was the absolute brainmelting “wow!” I quite enjoyed having a whole week filled with bands from the more daring side of the force.