“Heart it races” – Tiga at the pool

“And we’re slow to acknowledge the knots on the laces
Heart it races” Architecture In Helsinki

Some neighbours complained about regularly finding my cat, Tiga, lying at their garden pond, one paw in the water and catching their fishes. So now I can’t let him out anymore. Instead he now got his own little pond to hang around: my kitchen sink.

He’s lying there for hours now, paw or mouth dipped in the water until I carry him somewhere else to sleep. Actually I don’t think he’s still able to catch fishes but as staying indoors doesn’t seem to bother him much anymore it’s better this way I guess. I wonder what his new found love for water is all about. He even didn’t complain when I soaped and showered him last week.

I know that 20 years is quite an age for a cat but still it’s hard to see him getting weaker and weaker. He can hardly walk anymore, especially his hind legs seem a bit lame. Every single day I think I should go see a vet but to be honest: I’m scared of getting the advice to have him euthanised. He doesn’t seem to be in pain and eats regularly (although he’s nothing but skin and bones by now) so I’ve decided to postpone the visit to the vet once more.