“We’re so 1984” – a new song, a radio show

Tobi convinced me to get back to something I’ve actually missed quite a bit: Hosting a radio show. Castrop on Radio Z. Weekly would be a bit too time-consuming for me, so it will be a two-weeks rhythm with Tobi and me taking turns. Hope it will be quaaaality!
Turn on the radio or livestream every Thursday 03:00 pm (c.e.t.)! My first show will be on the 2nd of October.

* _ *

I’ve finished a new song: “We Dance Alone (We’re so 1984)”.
It’s up in my myspace player and here.
The lyrics go:

“we are synchronized
we are immune
when we rectify
we think in tune
we dance alone

we’re so 1984
we’re the peter-pan-teens
numbed by adervertising
numbed by a million screens
we dance alone

we’re well-trained to shy complexity
a little lost to the beauty of conspiracy
we dance alone

since each of our steps gets filmed
we act as if we could rewind anytime
we act as actors but
we dance alone

shot down with promises
our mouths got sewed
we’re tied up with premises
look to tvs for a clue
we dance alone

we get by
thinking ‘we could’
sometimes even
‘we should’
while we patiently
hold the line

sit tight

we gotcha”

“Comes in bells” – Melting Pop & M To The V Pix & Cover Versions

“Comes in bells, your servant, dont forsake him
Strike, dear mistress, and cure his heart …
I am tired, I am weary
I could sleep for a thousand years
A thousand dreams that would awake me
Different colors made of tears”
Velvet Underground, ‘Venus In Furs’

The M TO THE V Festival was wonderful. Lots of nice people to chat along with and lots of great bands to watch. I was happy that so many people showed up although there was no really well-known or headliner band. The musikverein wheel of fortune Quirin has made was cool too! And I drank a bit too much of the punch that was my contribution. I took quite a few snaps and you’ll find them over in the pictures section.

And hey, among the dozens of musicians of the six bands that played we even there even was one female! A friend has reminded me of what actually lingers as a dark shadow of bad conscience over all the last shows: Where are the girls, where are the women, where are the ladies in today’s underground music? Can you please get your bloody asses in motion and grab yourself some instrument and mic start making some noise? From all the booking requests we (musikverein) get for shows there’s still 90% male artists. It’s the 21st century, damnit! Will it ever change?

* _ *

I’m a bit lazy with new songs myself though. Today I’ve kind of finished a song I had left simmering for a while. I hate it when I can’t get it all done in one piece but it’s not that easy when you make beats, synths and vocals yourself and produce it too although you don’t really have much clue of it. I did the rearrangement of the instrumental part yesterday, wrote the lyrics and vocal lines today and recorded it. Now I got stuck with equing and compressing and finding the best effects for the vocals. Wish it would be done right now.

* _ *

I’ve got Velvet Underground’s ‘Venus In Furs’ stuck in my head since a couple of days and youtubed this Warhol clip of it for you cause it’s such a wonderful song:

I remember drunkenly discussing a part of the lyrics with some band when we drove to my place but I don’t remember which band and when it was.

I would like to hear Get Hustle covering that song or “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane:

And I would please like to get a pill to make me small.

* _ *

This morning I recollected Jack/Pete of World/Inferno telling me how great it is when during a live show you feel so high as if you were on drugs and suddenly realize that you are not but that what you feel actually is real ecstasy.

* _ *

I’ve listened through most of the cover versions that Buffet Libre so nicely arranged on their website: They have a big 80s cover versions project called “Rewind” with artists like Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, South Central, Dragonette and many more. You can download the single cover songs and watch little clips of the original tune or you can download all the fiftysomething tunes in one big zip.
Cool cover versions are a guilty pleasure of mine. My favourite one of those is RAC featuring Karl Kling covering A-ha’s “Take On Me” in a bleep-noise-pop kind of way. South Central‘s take on Big Black’s ‘Kerosene’ is cool too. Go have a listen yourselves!

Not a real cover but I like Men‘s (a Le Tigre side project) remix of the BeeGees‘ “More Than A Woman”. A nice and solid queer electro trash pop thingy.

Oh, and with all the talk about the new Girltalk stuff over at GYBO I’ve reuploaded this monster of a mix. I still love (almost) every second of it.

* _ *

In other news I still hate myself, the rest of the world and am feeling a bit lonely but at the same time the pure thought of meeting a friend and having a proper personal conversation about myself exhausts and disgruntles me. I hate it that these days I don’t even manage to keep track of friends’ birthdays.

Well, it’s good that tomorrow there’ll be another big la famiglia event to dissolve my little self in: Melting Pop. We’ll already meet in the afternoon to have enough time to decorate which will be a lot of work but hopefully worth it cause we want it to become a night to remember! Last year I already was exhausted when we opened the doors but the party crowd pouring in and lots of nice little chats and impressions pumped enough endorphines back into my veins to stay till seven or eight in the morning until we had everything cleaned up. Exhausting but worth it.
Please don’t miss it!
It’s one of the few big events in town that’s organised by a loose collective of befriended djs of several more or less underground parties in town. No big club promoter is behind it, no professional bouncers hired. Just the djs and friends from Musikverein and Cafe Kaya for the door and bar. The money will go to a charity we’ve not yet decided on. There’ll be 10 dj teams from 12 different parties spinning in two rooms so there should be music for everyone’s taste to dance to and it should be a good and friendly atmosphere (if only because I’m in the mood to kick any ass that discommodes others).

Oh, and it will be the very very last chance ever to dance to the Sophisticated Boom Boom tunes! We’re on at 3pm on the big floor upstairs. Yes, 3pm. As if any of us but Tobi would be sober enough to dj properly at that time of the night. 😉

* _ *

Yesterday I got my bandnew shiny copy of The Bug’s ‘London Zoo’ but although it is – Tobi, you’re right! – a great successor to ‘Pressure’ and although it makes more than good for the mediocre teasing live show at the OK in April I won’t take it with me to Melting Pop tomorrow because limited-triple-180g-vinyl is cool for posing but far too heavy to carry around with me when djing. 🙂
It brings together his harsh dancehall/ragga riddims with hints of grime and fresh dubstep ideas. I remember him already being too bassy and loud to cope with back in his noisy Techno Animals days. Anyway, buy that album. It’s already one of the best of 2008.

“I depend on fags” – new track online

Been late at the AmenRA show last night. It was epic and evil and the visuals fitted nicely. I spend 10 minutes inside watching the show and 30 minutes outside smoking. It’s so pitiful. I was in a pretty bad mood too. Saturday nights are overrated. Anyway, here’s some new music:

“I depend on fags” was the alternative title.
M to the P to the 3

P.S.: I’m working on a new website and have changed some directories, so if you have problems downloading older songs drop me a line and I might send you the proper links.

“Homosuperior in my interior” – eve massacre track & some mash up links

“Homosuperior in my interior
But from the skin out I’m homosapien too”
Pete Shelley

Here‘s the link to the online version of the article I mentioned in yesterday’s blog. Thanks for calling me “the grand dame of nbg’s night life” though I can’t help but think “the grosse dame of nbg’s night life” might have been more appropriate! 😉

* _ *

I stripped the vocals from “Mon Chi Chi Human” cause I hated them and edited it a bit and uploaded the new version. You can download a shiny 320kbps version from here:

Eve Massacre – Mon Chi Chi Human (dub version) MP3
(I won’t make it downloadable in the mysp player cause the quality sucks.)

* _ *

I’ve made a VIRB profile but that place still seems a bit quiet.

* _ *

I haven’t recommended mash ups in quite a while. Here you go:

Go to Copycat’s blog for a mix of my favourite Pete Shelley (beloved singer of the mighty Buzzcocks) song, “Homosapien” with Abba. And while you’re there also check out how he mixed Hot Chip’s “Ready For The Floor” with “Stand By Me”. If it wasn’t mixed so rough it would already be my favourite mash up of 2008. “Fade to pretty vacant” is nice too.

A nice electrotastique one comes from Paul V., you can get it from his myspace blog: CSS’s “alala” meets Chromeo’s “fancy footwork” over the beats of A Split Second.

And last but not least: Not-I made a political bootleg using Obama’s famous speech, Eminem and more over a D’n’B track by Optical. Get it from his blog.

“Me no ramp fi pop off!” – wanna win a Massacre Mixtape?

“Through me na sling no gun, but a smart the warrior
Smart, ca me a real poison dart!
As a real ‘ol warrior, me no ramp fi pop off,
But me a ‘ol poison dart” Warrior Queen

Just in case you wondered about the words to sing along to the refrain of “Poison Dart” by The Bug which still is one of my favourite songs of the moment. I confess that I don’t really have a clue what “me no ramp fi pop off” means but I love the line. The whole lyrics can be read here. I’m already excited about getting to see THE BUG & WARRIOR QUEEN live at the Crossing Europe film festival in Linz where you can catch me djing too. B.U.Z.Z.I.N.G.L.Y. excited, I am. BTW the SUB:CITY party last week was a blast and made up for the bad aftertaste a few problems at the Soph BB night had left. Thanks to the makers and djs and a great audience and the basstastic extra-subs.

Tomorrow, Saturday, you can read an interview with me in a local newspaper, the NN. Quirin and me had the idea to have an aftershow tape-djing party at next weeks MY AWESOME MIXTAPE show. The paper took the opportunity to aske me if I would make a mixtape and answer a few questions about mixtapes, the show, parties and what I’m musically up to at the moment. You can win the tape by writing to the paper, I don’t know the exact ‘how to’.

Enough ‘me me me’, let me heartily recommend you the show on 11th of April at the K4 in Nürnberg: MY AWESOME MIXTAPE sound like a geeky dancy musical cross between Subtle / Why? Anticon IndieHipHop, Hot Chip or Postal Service-style Electropop and Placebo’s nasal melancholy. Let’s not forget the support band of the night, as they are equally great: FONODA with their wonderful shoegazerish slow core. The tape dj thing after the show is free and everyone can take part as a dj and play 3 of their favourite songs from tapes. Please mail us to info@musikverein-concerts.de if you want to take part. Ach, or simply bring a tape or two. Don’t be shy! It should be fun. I think I’ve even heard that the band will also take part.

* _ *

I’ve just watched the first part of some pre-album-making-of-thing of JAMIE LIDELL on youtube. It’s not bad and not totally unfunny but what’s it for? Its main purpose seems to be showing how ‘different’ and ‘weird’ (in an interesting arty underground way) he is. Or do I just think so because the new songs sound so tame? He is an awesome entertainer and he does that modern soul thing better than most others but I think where he really stands out is his ability to do the tightrope walk between being a sexy and soulful entertainer with a great sense for humor while at the same time showing off brilliant technical and vocal skills and taking people on a journey from fingersnipping beatboxed old school soul to noisy experimental improvisation and back with a smile. When I once saw him live at the K4 it seemed everybody’s eyes were glued on him for the whole show, no matter from which musical background the different people in the audience came. It would break my heart a little bit if he is going to waste that talent and head only for some bland big band soul entertainer fame.

“Fake moustaches will save the world!” – party spam & a manifesto

“M-M-M-M-M-M Moustache
One hundred hairs make a man”

Attention, attention! Tomorrow! Friday, 28th of March!
Please let me invite you to another brandnew and shiny edition of SOPHISTICATED BOOM BOOM!
Doors will be open from 22 till late.Eintritt ist frei.
DJs are Jool + Von Landadel + Eve Massacre, bar crew is Melinda + Poe + Jessy, und für sichere Garderobe zum Jackenverstauen sorgt Philipp.

In our constant effort to save the world this time we focus on the power of the faux moustache and we hope you will join us.

Someone asked me: “Why moustaches?”

My more or less helpful and more or less serious answer is: I don’t like real moustaches.* I do like fighting fire with fire.

A lot of real moustaches and beards send out the message: “See how male I am? I got nothing in common with you. I can hide half of my face in my masculinity, totally pokerface-style.” Wearing a beard or moustache thus means giving in to the fallacy that we’re trapped in our biological sex: Real men don’t show emotions, blabla, there’s a proportional relation between being a real man and your ability to grow facial hair, yaddayadda, real men cultivate their biological differences, etc.

Fake moustaches instead let everybody chose. Equally. Fake moustaches are cute and sticky genderqueering furry little things that make everyone look equally silly, and as the mighty SOOPHIE NUN SQUAD** have already taught us years ago: Things that make you look silly make it hard to come across cool and to remain a bystander. Fake moustaches make you take a second look at whom you’re partying with. Fake moustaches make you care. Fake moustaches make you get involved. Oh, and of course fake fur is much cuddlier than the real thing, which in my humble opinion is one of the greatest accomplishments of our artificial times.As an alternative we will of course accept painted moustaches and fingerstaches.

*) My dear bear friends will hopefully forgive me! Of course there are exceptions. For example I like Wolverine, Freddy Mercury, the depressive walrus in ’Urmel’, Leon Trotsky, and of course Hercule Poirot.

**) Dear Soophie Nun Squad, I miss you.

PS.: More people should listen to JUICEBOXXX.

“His stomach ached with loneliness” – new mash up, old song

“A sea monster sat on a rock and said, ‘I wish there was a little girl.’
His stomach ached with loneliness.”

You can click yourself through that story book about a seamonster and a little girl right here. Of course I identify with the sea monster.

That story is the perfect imaginery for my latest mash up: It combines ‘Message’, a song of the japanese psychedelic noise monsters Boris (check out their new album ‘Smile’, it’s great) with Edie Gorme‘s vocals of ‘Blame it on the bossa nova’. Thanks to DJ Mif for the pella.

Boris + Edie Gorme: “Blame it on the Bossa Boris” (Eve Massacre mix) MP3

And upon request here’s one of my songs back online:
Eve Massacre: “48 Crushes” MP3