Made a song for IVDR

I have made a track called “Hollow” for friends’ label compilation: IVDR on VERYDEEPRECORDS
Limited edition double tape.
Now I got a tape, even two tapes, and no tape player. Oh, these analog kids today, tsk.
Good that today it’s released online too! Listen here:

“Hollow” was made in and is about the shaky dark state when you slowly work your way out of a depressive phase and the repetitive work of convincing yourself that everything will be alright while you know exactly that it never will be…
Erm… enjoy!

And those of you in Nuremberg: The Verydeep boys Philipp and Steffan will be doing a little release celebration at Zentralcafé’s Rauschen tonight! Just some cozy bar djing and drinks and chats. Come over!