“Want to see your ass on the ceiling” – new old track

“I want to see your ass on the ceiling”
The Yellow Press

Here’s another tune for you:

Not exactly a new one but I’m not sure if i have shared it yet and I’ve just come across the live footage below that reminded me of uploading it.

Whenever I get people dancing like loonies to this one being played out in the club it brings back memories of one of the sweetest concert moments ever: The Yellow Press at Trainspotting Festival back in… erm, 2005? Perfect crowd, perfect band, magic happened.
I swear the air was actually sparkling of excitement and energy and joy.

The mix includes Gossip (Soulwax rmx), Robbie Williams (Soulwax rmx), Beastie Boys, The Yellow Press (R.I.P. <3 )