“I can’t stand the rain” – pix of Milemarker, Ibsen, The Yoohoo

“I can’t stand the rain
against my window
bringing back sweet memories”
T. Turner

Why does the weather have to be so shitty when I wanted to visit friends in Munich and go to the CSD / Gay Pride thingy and watch Scream Club and J.D. Samson? I cancelled it and sit at home grumpy instead but I will at least drive there tomorrow to watch Tar..Feather.
Multi-tasking talent that I am I managed to sit grumpying and at the same time finally uploading some concert pictures of Milemarker, Ibsen and The Yoohoos.

Go to www.evemassacre.org PICTURE section to see all of them.
I also updated the LIVE section with lots of old flyers and some new dates.
And I turned it all black.
The Milemarker show was really good by the way. They are still quite unique in how and what they do, even if the show somehow had an aura of nostalgia all over it. There were people at the show that I haven’t seen at shows for ages. Oh, and it’s an absoute no-no to wear a Fugazi t-shirt, you person in the Fugazi t-shirt. You are not what you wear etc. etc. etc.

A friend of mine mentioned that at the radio station he works for he tries to make people give statements about the music they play cause most of them don’t do that anymore. One guy argued that chosing a tune and playing it out already is a statement about the music as he wouldn’t play it if he didn’t like it. Somehow this got stuck in my head. I haven’t read many good reviews lately. If someone got recommendations for well-written mp3 blogs – you’re welcome! I personally also find it harder and harder to write about music.  I mean really write. Not just saying it’s great/awesome/wonderful/godawful etc. and give some information but making thoughtful statements about songs or albums. That’s a shame because I remember how much fun it was to try finding words to express what a certain song does to you, to derive some meaning, to use words to play with music.

Lately I miss the YOT (a zine I was involved in for a couple for years) a lot. It was such a good direct communication tool. Blogging is fine too but it’s lonelier. Not because of the little feedback you get, that’s also scarce with a print zine. But because of writing only your own little ego out, and not being part of a group of people who share opinions or differ and criticise. For a while I thought about asking some people whose opinions and tastes I appreciate to join together for a shared blog but the sad truth is that I don’t think any of them has enough time and consistency to stick with it and I don’t want to start something that’s already bound for wasting away when we start it.
Me negative? Nooo wai.

I love Sophie Rois. I had almost forgotten about that fact. Her voice and her tomboyish style is plain awesome. I think I first was aware of her when she played a phone sex girl in ‘Deathline’ (Der kalte Finger). Now I’ve stumbled upon this cover version she did:

Sophie Rois - The End of the World

Sophie Rois – The End of the World from http://coverlover.vox.com/