Weird Friends (We Don’t Even Live Here)

This morning my excitement about two new remixes by Kuedo surfacing was dampened by one of those keeping the – as much as I understand of the lyrics – misogynic words of the original Main Attrakionz track. No big deal? Well, somehow not. On the other hand there are a few artists in that area of music I consider ‘safe’ (meaning I don’t have to brainfilter their music for hate speech) and somehow it hits me harder whenever one of those comes up with such a track.

While I like the music, as a biological woman – how could I not feel at least excluded by misogynic lyrics in a overwhelmingly male-dominated heteronormative music scene as hiphop is? What – because it’s the status quo and it’s just ‘artistic role play’ and it’s all about the beats? Meh. Lame.

Of course sometimes I give in and ignore the words because the sounds are fresh and it’s easier to shut out the meaning of words if they’re not in your main language but every now and then it hits me again how (self-)loathing it actually is to not care just for the sake of some cool beats. And of course it hits me harder when it happens with artists or club nights or venues I don’t expect it from.

At Orchid I once experienced it the other way around when I played ‘Ima read’ and a woman asked me if I really have to play songs that go ‘bitch’ all the time. I tried to explain why it’s different with that track but I wasn’t very successfull (for which I at least partially blame that it’s not quite easy to explain while you’re djing on and it’s late and loud and you’re a bit drunk.) I understand her perspective but on the other hand I sure won’t stop playing artists like Zebra Katz because they exactly are what a part of Orchid is about.

Once more I file this subject under ‘It’s complicated.’

Anyways – finding out about this new P.O.S. clip made up for it. Love it.

P.S.: Of course I stay a devoted Kuedo fangirl, too. After all it’s just a remix and I could just as well argue his cold synths contrast the lyrics in a way that you should read it as criticism… ^^