Mat Dryhurst’s Saga – make your embeddable videos fluid and context-relevant

Me, personally, I'm less interested in the profit aspect of this (though it's all good to aim at making things more fair) but I'm fascinated more by the possibilities it opens for making everchanging content that is different in different contexts. That opens so many creative and critical possibilities. It could raise context awareness, being like a inverse mirror/metaphor for our personalized spaces on social media.

Too many zombies – Orchid, The Walking Dead, Jauch, Varoufakis

Last night then, I experienced a real flash of fear turning my stomach when I saw Björn Höcke (AfD) given a platform to display his far right propaganda on Germany's most-watched talk show, Jauch. The reach! Knowing how many of his followers out at the screens cheering him. Höcke even pulled out a little german flag as nationalist power gesture, bragging about his deep love for his country. Could only have been more dramatic/ridiculous if he had pulled it from his trouser fly.

ORCHID – We’re all prostitutes!

"We're all prostitutes"  The Pop Group Eigentlich wollte ich noch einen ausführlichen Blogpost dazu schreiben, warum ich den Erlös der ORCHID Party diesen Samstag, 1.8.16 im Zentralcafé, an Kassandra e.V. spenden möchte, aber die Zeit rennt mir mit Party-Vorbereitungen und Musik aussuchen davon, also nur die Kurzfassung: Aus dem konservativen Lager wird in den letzten…