LONDON BOOTED finally is out, a downloadable rem…

LONDON BOOTED finally is out, a downloadable remix album of THE CLASH’s ‘London Calling’ including two cover designs and several bonus tracks. Richie of Culturedeluxe gathered different bootleg mixers of the GYBO board to make a joint effort for fun and charity. There are mash ups, remixes, cover versions, glitch ups, … Some already have praised this album into exaggerated heights, some have criticized it simply for not overall being their taste. I think it’s really great cause it shows the diversity of GYBO people making boots – diversity in production skills and in musical taste. My personal faves are the tracks of blo_up, mcsleazy, miss frenchie, 10000 spoons.

if you go there and download the thing please donate some money for charity too! In case you’re a poor creditcard-less being like me who can’t use paypal, why not see this as a kick in the ass to find some other way – e.g. transfer some money to your local women’s shelter, or maybe this Terre des Femmes / Bodyshop cooperation:

Today almost everybody has one or two old useless mobile phones at home. Now you can support Terre Des Femmes by getting an adressed envelope at your local Bodyshops and sending in your old mobiles – each mobile means 3,50 euro for Terres des Femmes to support their work against Violence against Women. I only know the number for Germany and think it’s pretty scary: Every fourth women gets beaten in her relationship. Help ’em.

info 1

info 2

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Last week I had the pleasure of seeing Donna Summer /Jason Forrest live and it was awesome. Sadly there were only 20 people at the show, but he managed to get them all dancing – and if you heard his music, you know it’s´pretty tough to dance to this samplemaniac’s cut up chaos laptopcore.

Some pictures? HERE.

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And I also took a couple of pics at the RUSSENDISKO – though it was a bit less dissipated, but somehow even weirder than SHANTEL’s BUCOVINA CLUB, for example I would never have expected to hear Dschinghis Khan’s “Moskau” at a party like this. here’s the pics.

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Before this there was the DANKO JONES + THE BRONX + ROOLETTES show at K4 and it was a surprisingly great day. ‘Surprisingly’ because the K4 is in the city centre and it’s sometimes hard to find parking space, esp for those big nightliners, and these guys came with two huge nightliners and a van, so this worried me a bit, and some other small things – we’re an indie place where people put up shows in their spare time, so this was a rather big thing for us. Still everything worked out smoothly and I had a really nice day, from the bands having breakfast outside in the sunshine to chilling after the show until 4 or something, and their tour manager was a really nice guy and the bands too – even though I was a little disappointed by The Bronx live performance that suffered from their alcohol level. Danko Jones were brilliant – I’m not so excited about their album but live they are AWEsome. Somehow they manage to stupidly r.o.c.k. out and have this rock cliché satirizing attitude at the same time. Headbanging, hipshaking and funny. Danko has the charisma of a sexier Henry Rollins and the tongue of Gene Simmons, and at the latest when he held his crazy tribute speech about holding the heads of idols like Curtis Mayfield or Joe Strummer in his hands, or when he started slapping himself in the face, you simply had to love this guy. He also does a nice radio show, ‘The Magical World Of Rock’, here’s an mp3 about “TEN 2 Piece Bands Besides the White Stripes” – cool rant, Danko turning into fan perspective. It includes SUICIDE, THE JETS, GODHEADSÌLO and others.

(Or for metal heads, here’s a link to another show: “I fucking love ENTOMBED and so should you”!)

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Today I’m simply in love with the INTELLIGENCE’s ‘…

Today I’m simply in love with the INTELLIGENCE’s ‘Boredom and Terror’ album. Beautiful trashy lofi pop with a postpunk feel. I don’t know much about INTELLIGENCE but that it seemingly is the bedroom solo thing of Lars Finberg of A-FRAMES and DIPERS fame, and that he’s nicely obsessed with sounds, e.g. he uses his son’s kid’s drumset adding distortion. Short songs, reminding of the fun lofi pop could give me way back when I first listened to Beck’s ‘Mellow Gold’, and the postpunk pleasures of The Fall.


Today there’s a big punk festival at the venue I w…

Today there’s a big punk festival at the venue I work for and to get me in the right mood for it, I made my punkiest bootleg mix yet: “Black Heartattack“, combining Black Eyed Peas and The Bronx. 🙂

Who’s around Nürnberg tonight should definitely check out the Little Rusian Percussion Tour with DJ VADIM, DJ WOODY, MC YARAH BRAVO, BLU RUM 13 at DESI.

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“We have decided how sad it is for other people that they cannot appreciate our genius…”

A friend lent me HEAVENLY CREATURES and I watched it yesterday – awesome. It’s a Peter Jackson movie (1994) starring Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey as friends who get a bit carried away with their imagination and creativity… It’s based on a true incident of two girls killing the one girl’s mother for fear of being separated.

It’s nice to have female heroines and allusions to lesbianism who go beyond turning on men, that’s rare. It’s a wonderful story about an intense friendship, a story about how sticking together helps those two girls to lean up against repressions and differing values, but it’s also a dark tale of the dangers of escaping from reality into imagination, of crossing the border between imagination and madness. Sub-subjects like first sex being not so nice for almost any girl, the teenie-obsession for a star, trying to be the star and not only his admirer, the dream of going to Hollywood, the cliché of the marriage counselor who wrecks her own marriage, parents’ fear of homosexual offspring, differing values in a rich and a poor world, you have Pauline/Juliet mirrored in other pairs, like OrsonWelles/MarioLanza or the king and queen of their fantasy – I don’t remember it all, it’s so rich in details. It’s weird to follow Pauline’s growing hate for her mother while it’s Juliet’s father who wants to separate them from each other and it’s Juliet who seems to have had the worse childhood. Great movie, watch it!

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I’m no big friend of spiders but there’s one kind I really despise: ticks. Living with a cat who’s out in the woods and gardens most of the time I’m used to tear out these little suckers in summer – but now it’s only april and still cold and all, so I was rather disgusted to have a really big one, sucked as full with blood as it can be, jiggling about on my bedclothes yesterday when my cat slept there. Uaarghs!

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FEEDSTOCK. Get this now!! Herr Müller, a friend…


Get this now!! Herr Müller, a friend of mine finally put this great piece of Flash shorts dealing with consumerism online. It’s a huge download, but it’s well worth it! Get it while you can. I’m sure that if you have a really slow connection you also can get a cd-r of it from him. If you contact him, also ask for his new comic. It’s awesome. You can get an older one, “Wasteland” also from

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I fixed a date for my first solo live appearance but it looks like it won’t be as solo as I was afraid it would be: Cris Koch, a friend whose guitar style and vocals I like as well as all kinds of sound effetcs he does, will most probably join me.

You can take a look at some of the many things he does here:

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It was a bit of a hectic week, from highs (I can finally confirm that BLONDE REDHEAD play one of their two shows in Germany at our venue, on the third of june!), to lows I don’t want to mention here. All in all simply too much work. That’s why I suffered something like a little overload yesterday, unable to do anything at all. I hate it, this either / or lifestyle, running on energy limits until you break down.

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What’s privacy?

What’s intimacy?

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This morning I felt okay again, yawned, stretched myself from the foetal position, got myself a cup of Earl Grey and some cereal, and watched 28 DAYS LATER. All I knew was: it’s by Boyle and Garland, like THE BEACH, so I was afraid it’d turn out equally cheap in evoking serious questions about what does this or that situation make of human beings and all that and there are some outlines of social concepts (a rather darwinian view offered by the female heroine who then progresses via family values to some more independent human-relationships-are-what-makes-you-go-on, or the ‘homo homini lupus’ position the major gives), but whenever you might think you might get a moralistic undertone one of these Zombie splatter scenes release you of that suspicion with a rush of adrenaline. Like other Boyle movies (Trainspotting, Shallow Grave, A Life Less Ordinary) he uses the art of turning simple stealing into postmodern pastiche or collage technique, and I like this not only on the content level but also formally – somewhere between newsflashes and dogma this movie is presented in a low quality style, that often makes you feel like you missed something cause you don’t clearly see it. Then you have these really beautiful moments, like when they drive through the city and you see Jim’s face through the car’s window while a scenery of dead bodies and ruins is not only reflected in the window but also in the despair on his face. Or the scene with the crow picking a dead man’s head where we suddenly get thrown in the perspective from within a deadly drop of blood falling down straight into a man’s eye, infecting him – it nicely shows the cruelty and vulnerability and suddenness of a possible death.

Some scenes brought back to me the pictures of the silent and empty Chernobyl that a girl who drove there with her motorbike put up online here:

Pretty impressive.

Well, what more would I like to add about 28 DAYS LATER? If messages are being told in this movie, it could be: All extremists are equally shitty and dangerous in their narrowmindedness, no matter if animal lib people (they set the monkey who spread the disease free) or if scientists (who created the virus). Or that military rule is as scary and inhuman as what it’s out to keep under control (the soldiers have the choice, but behave as monstrous as the unwillingly infected Zombie humans).

I like the gender aspect of the movie. It’s not really usual that the androgyn guys are the heros and heroines. Here we get a cute longlashed sensual man, Jim (Cillian Murphy), who develops from a rather vulnerable, weak character into someone who can be tough if the ones he loves are threatened. On the other side we have Selena (Naomie Harris), who first appears as fighting soldier, then learns to show emotions and then testosterone-dripping soldiers (what 28 days without sex can make of men… 😉 ) try to force her into something between mother Eve and prostitute Roxanne, the female stereotypes, but she manages to escape with not only Jim’s help but also the help of the girl Hannah, who also has a nice strong role, she’s not only the usual child-accessoire.

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And for all the XIU XIU fans out there – a generous person put up lots of mp3s of their live shows online: