Some of this week’s favourite things: I invente…

Some of this week’s favourite things:

I invented a summer cocktail consisting of:

3/4 Orange Juice

1/4 Campari

a dash of Angostura


Been at an awesome show: ALICE DONUT is back! I was pretty skeptic about them reuniting and their latest album effort didn’t convince me, but live – wow! They reminded me of why i had liked Grunge in the beginning and made me wonder how it could become such a dumb Cockrockgenre. Mr. antona is still one of world’s most charismatic and charming stage person’s, and their amusing horn version of Fugazi’s “Waiting Room” was as rad as Sissy singing Velvet Underground’s “All Tomorrow’s Party”.


Great show. Go see them!

And see some pictures in my photo section.

My two new mixes were pretty satisfying for me, especially the WILEY vs SUEDE part, I will put this up as an extra track with a new ending part tomorrow.

Reading CHUCK PALAHNIUK’s “Lullaby” is a pleasure, again a really good one by him.

A quote:

“Old George Orwell got it backward.

Big Brother isn’t watching. He’s singing and dancing. He’s pulling rabbits out of a hat. Big Brother’s busy holding your attention every moment you’re awake. He’s making sure you’re always distracted. He’s making sure you’re fully absorbed.

He’s making sure your imagination withers. Until it’s as useful as your appendix. He’s making sure your attention is always fulled.

And this beind ged, it’s worse than being watched. With the world always filling you, no one has to worry about what’s in your mind. With everyone’s imagination atrophied, no one will ever be a threat to the world.”

There’s a great contest on MOVIES FOR MUSIC . OR…

There’s a great contest on MOVIES FOR MUSIC . ORG encouraging people to capture their detest of anti-filesharing politics and their love for indie structure on video, flash, slideshows, whatever. It already exhibitssome great entries, for example a video by Creative Commons. Their aim is to help artists license their work in different, personalized ways, like for example let it use others as long as they give you credits.

One of the organizers of the Music For Movies contest is Downhill Battle, who are always busy deconstructing the dis-information you get from major labels, like all that filesharing kills music crap, and who encourage people to spread the word. Visit their site! Get involved!

* _

It’s always like birthday when I receive a packet of new records from X-MIST, still my favourite mailorder, especially if it comes to discoveries in indiepunk off the beaten track. They recommended bands like Les Savy Fav long before they were spotted elsewhere, or The Rapture when they still smelled sweaty of small indieclubs.

Of the records I ordered this month I can’t but recommend DIE PRINCESS DIE, FLIN FLON and DOSAGE & USAGE.

DIE PRINCESS DIE is the name of a great new Sand Diego band with the drummer of CHAMPAGNE KISS (great band on Troubleman Unlimited, “black violin” by them still is one of my favorite songs). DIE PRINCESS DIE wonderfully combine cute new wave sounds with desperate Screamo and Sonic-Youth-Wall-Of-Sound-Indienoise. Nice surprise.

Here are links to MP3s of two songs by them:


“Hunting Low La”

Oh – and DON’T CLICK HERE if you’re afraid of moustaches, this is there album cover.

Do I have to tell you who FLIN FLON is? Catchy indiepop stripped down to the minimum of instrumentation for the greatest effect played by trio around Mark Robinson (Unrest, Teenbeat Rec.). ‘Chicoutimi’ they call a collection of vinyl-only cuts and songs that only appeared on singles that was released as part of the ‘Warm Series’ on Teenbeat Rec. Be fast to lay your hands on this charming jewel of a cd, cause on the Teenbeat site it already says it’s sold out, here’s an mp3 of a song.

DOSAGE & USAGE is a band that had members of PLOT TO BLOW UP THE EIFFEL TOWER, but their music is postpunk with a noisy edge – rhythm focussed, dancedriven bass, sharp edged guitars and sassy vocals, on this final album on Strictly Amateur Films ( sung, yelped, screamed in japanese by Tetsunori Tawaraya.

“Swell O”

* _

I put up some pictures of the AGAINST ME and GRABASS CHARLESTONS show. I talked too much, too many friends I hadn’t met for a while, so I only watched G.C. for their last song but that made me guess I didn’t really missed much, they play nice but average punkrock. AGAINST ME! played a sweaty great show, only off stage they seemed a bit exhausted.

* _

Bluebird and Sole at Desi /nbg.

I remembered Bluebird from accompanying Grand Buffet when they last played in Nürnberg, he also joined them for one song on stage. He’s entertaining, not as funny as Grand Buffet, not as dead serious as Sole, e.g. he rapped the names of artists that influenced him incredible fast, continuing with listing equally fast all the presidents of the u.s., only to top that rattling off all the states that were bombed by the USA plus all members of the Wu-Tang Clan. Bluebird really had some entertaining ideas of bringing up political stuff, maybe even a bit too entertaining, but what I actually don’t get is this combination of being really sensitive about colour-of-skin-problems and showing creative ability when it comes to language and then at the same time using the same derogative words or metaphors as all the crappy not-conscious rappers – women only appear as bitches, or as caring mother, or as girlfriend waiting at home, if it comes to abuse it’s always “pussy” or “cocksucker”.

Grow up, I thought. If you’re so brainy use your creativity also to find some new insults.

Plus, as a friend of mine put it: “where are the women in the Anticon collective?”

Main problem of the show was the sound – vocals of both artists were far too loud, distorted and feedbacked all the time, the music only working as a quiet backing and not as pushing beats. That got on my nerves after a while, so I went outside.

* _

I guess I should be thankful for only having to us…

I guess I should be thankful for only having to use a hundred hankies today and not a thousand like yesterday. Forget it! Being sick turns me into a real pain in the ass.

I always get kind of insomniac when I’m forced to be so inactive. The only good thing about this cold I caught is that I found time to watch some movies I saved for that special day, when I’d really have the time and be in mood for it.

A friend had given me two Gregg Araki films, ‘Nowhere’, which I had watched before, and ‘The Doom Generation’, and ‘Reflecting Skin’ (Philip Ridley). I’ll comment on those later – they were pretty impressive, love them. I’ll also add some words and pictures about the SOLE and BLUEBIRD show I’ve been to last Friday.

* _

I got so angry today about the nazi spam mails that started circulating in germany just in time before the european election. I don’t know if they were spread in other countries too. In those mails you first get a blue-eyed guy next door telling you about some incident that involved foreigners or asylum seekers harming german people, followed by a ‘specialist’ commenting on this and explaining to the naive person that this is all part of a nationwide mafiaesque structure to which all parties but the most right wing ones are blind. Arrgh!

* _

A short video I’d like to recommend: “Daydream 1” by Kotchy (mov). It’s a little story bout love and jealousy, embedded in vague pictures, subtitles telling the story reduced to simplest sentences. I thought it has some harsh charme.

Wish I knew how to take snapshots or save stills.

* _

Here’s a link to another nice video to watch, THAVIUS BECK’s “To Make Manifest”.

He released a rather compelling album on Mush Rec.: ‘Decomposition’. It sways from gloomy drum&bass to abstract hiphop, adding nice effects with speech samples. Breaking beats and structures let you drop but at the same time you’re picked up again with a little melody or weird sound. Thavius Beck formerly released stuff under the name ADLIB. Cedric Bixler (At The Drive-In, Mars Volta) and Subtitle (GSL hiphop artist) appear with guest vocals.

Here’s a link to an mp3: “To Make Manifest”

Been to a wonderful party last night – Christo…

Been to a wonderful party last night – Christoph of BOMB MITTE dj-ed vs MAOS RACHE in the basement of a recordstore. Nice people, great deko, awesome music, from dub to grime to weird cut up stuff and beats international. Thanks for this great little night! You can look at some pictures I took >>>here.

* _

Lazy Sunday afternoons being perfect for watching movies, I’ll give you some nice music video links of ARTIFICIAL ARMY, Simon and Jackie, who used their gift for the GSL and 3.1.G people as well as for ANTICON and MUSH artists.

On the GSL website there is a disturbing KILL ME TOMORROW video. Their album ‘Garbageman and the Prostitute’ is great – if you are into artsy postpunk you should definitely give it a listen. I didn’t really like their EP but this one is a killer.

“Born To Be Filed” hi bandwidth

“Born To Be Filed” lo bandwidth

There’s also a nice video for a FREE MORAL AGENTS song on the GSL website. They do chilly abstract hiphop pop with a dark organic jazzy feel and some electronic bleeps.

“Lay down” video (mov file)

On the ARTIFICIAL ARMY website you can watch two more vids: BOOM BIP & DOSE ONE’s “The Birdcatcher’s Return” and THE LOCUST’s “Live From The Russion Compound”.

* _

“keep quiet little shy boy, no need for all that t…

“keep quiet little shy boy, no need for all that talk, what’s with the tendency? the dullness of today’s what’s fighting with me, still, I’m scared of everyday to find that I am me. what’s with the bitter in the taste, and the bitter in yr face?”

Rapider Than Horsepower

Seen too many shows, talked to too many people. Exhausted in a pleasurable way.

Still I’m happy that we didn’t cancel the BLONDE REDHEAD show – their concert last night was really beautiful, they really are an outstanding band. I’m absolutely in love with Amedeo’s meowing voice and the tightness of them playing together.

It also was nice to meet so many people that drove many kilometres for this – I think the record distance was 700 km.

I took a few >>>pictures.

On Monday we had ADAM GREEN playing. I’m not really into his music, but when he entered the stage, all gawky and with an irresistable smile, I kind of understood why people love him. First artist in a while whose backstage we had to defend from fans… 😉

And last Friday I watched THE YELLOW PRESS and 10 VOLT SHOCK playing at 027 in Fürth. I wasn’t really in mood for a punkrock show on the night but 10 VOLT SHOCK really rocked me into it, and THE YELLOW PRESS simply blew me away. They gave a perfect 30 minutes fix of swirling postpunk that left you wanting more and still stopped in exactly the right moment. Presented by humorous and lovable guys, one of their singers is the former TORCHES OF ROME singer. Don’t miss those guys live! I took a few

The album that makes my days is RAPIDER THAN HORSEPOWER ‘s ‘Stage Fright, Stage Fright, This Is My Big Night’, a combination of their first two eps, released as double 12″ vinyl by one of the nicest labels around: Level Plane.

RAPIDER THAN HORSEPOWER is guys of RACEBANNON (yes – the awesome singer who sounds a bit like Patton) and two others, they are a four piece from Indiana. It’s a weird pop music take on confusing posthardcore/indie music, one of these albums on which you discover something new everytime you listen to it again. They sound, well… maybe like slower softer Blood Brothers… or like 2004 reborn Captain Beefheart… or you better check it out yourselves, here are links to some live versions:

“Especially If It Helps You Breathe”

“Upon the Bandstand”

“Saddle Up!”

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