TURBOSTAAT played a phantastic show here last Th…

TURBOSTAAT played a phantastic show here last Thursday, their energy and fun on stage are soooo contagious! They play this nice mixture of old school german punk like Boxhamsters or Dackelblut, but add a certain emo feel to it that makes their melodies somehow more intense and all fresh. I took some pictures.

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Last night I’ve been to a party (SOKO 90441) with DJ HELL and Mr. Bad Haircut played a nice but not especially surprising set (built on tracks like Tiga’s “pleasure from the bass”, Dave Clarke feat. Chicks On Speed’s “she’s in parties” cover etc.). Alter Ego’s “rocker” with Beastie Boys “check it out” vocals on top was cool.

We had fun. The crowd was really into it. Drinks were too expensive (thanks, Tobi! 😉 ). The other DJs (ICEE and Mark Reuter) played far too straight stompy technoid crap for my taste.

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I think I didn’t recommend it yet here: I’m really into that new RITON album, ‘Homies and Homos’. It’s all about funky plainness and has some cute highpitched vocals in an early Bowie or Scissor Sisters way. It’s not at all like his first album. Riton is Henry Smithson who seems to mainly spend his time DJing between Manchester and London, remixing Human League or Rund DMC, and now he released this really nice little smash hits album between soulful stompers, indie, glam rock and electronica.

The “Killing An Arab” cover version isn’t the most inspired one ever but hey – it’s still way better than last year’s stupid electronic Blank&Jones version of “A Forest” featuring Mr. Smith himself.

You can listen to some Riton snippets on this website . Sadly I didn’t find any full mp3s.


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“It’s my birthday and I’ll do what I want to Fuck…

“It’s my birthday and I’ll do what I want to

Fuck you it’s my birthday.

A special holiday only for me, so do what I say,

it’s my party, I’ll make you cry if I want to…or leave.

Fuck you, it’s not your birthday, so do what I say.

Happy Birthday to me.

How could you forget my birthday?

That’s really immature

Fuck you for forgetting my birthday

you didn’t do what I say

24 hours no wishing well

now 365 days I’m in Hell, Oh well.

Happy Birthday to me.

Happy Birthday to me, Spank Me!

Oh well, Happy Birthday to me,

I can’t believe you forgot my birthday

it’s my birthday and you’re wrecking it

now it’s just like any other day

you didn’t do what I say

How could you forget my birthday?

That’s really immature…”

(The Vandals)

Today I got a handy little recommendation for …

Today I got a handy little recommendation for people from my area, I put up a drive sharing board for people who love live concerts as much as I do:




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Last night I’ve seen YEAR FUTURE live and it was good. Not as outstanding as you might expect of a band with their background (Sonny of THE VSS, ANGEL HAIR and GSL records), and my brain really seems to work on some kind of delay these days:

I had listened to their EP a couple of times and always had another band they reminded of on the tip of my tongue but couldn’t name it – yesterday I finally could make it out: they sound a lot like SCRATCH ACID, the dead cool noisy dark wavy predecessor of JESUS LIZARD, only that YEAR FUTURE’s singer does some more screaming live, which I really enjoyed. Their drummer who had played in THE PATTERN before, was awesome. Sadly the guitar was a bit too quiet, so they didn’t sound as energetic as they seem to be able to.

The other thing that got me thinking hard was from where I recognised their guitar player, and it took me until this afternoon to recall his face: he played in DEAD & GONE, an old Alternative Tentacles band, that reformed and switched to GSL a couple of years ago, and back then they also played a show at K4. They were a rather cool gloomy deathrock kind of punkband. I didn’t recognise that they already had split up again. :,(

Here’s some YEAR FUTURE mp3 links, go get their stuff!

“Police Yourself”

“Some Bodies”

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I kind of neglected this blog for a while but now …

I kind of neglected this blog for a while but now I’m back. There’ll be lots of reviews, there were some really cool releases lately.

What kept me so busy lately was for example a new little printzine, TOY, one of the follower-ups to YOTzine, that we only finished yesterday. And I also still work on the Eve Massacre & Unmono tour for November, there’ll be new dates added every now and then. And I plan on self-releasing a little cd with my music, for which I asked Herr Müller to do the artwork cause I adore his work. Get a glimpse of his work www.ilikeyourbadbreathdaddy.de!

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The Fiction: I Told her That I Like Living In A Box
(Level Plane / Nova)

Intense and dodgy – this album rocked its way into my aural canal pretty fast. From bold aggro attacks to little whirling break outs and the perfect dose of melodies they get pretty much diversity out of their trio line up. Soundwise they remind me of Gravity bands, and that’s sure not the worst way to sound. Also nice: all three of them sing. Erm… yell. The lyrics don’t do much to me, it’s your average personal politics lines – not bad nor good, there’s simply too much of those lyrics out there. Musically, like I said, it’s a really brisk release.

Here’s a link to a streamed song, “Bad Glass“.

Oh – and there’s a Joy Division cover on it, “Ceremony”, played with that breeze of sloppiness that made so much of 90s indierock charme. It might have been more interesting if The Fiction hat transformed it into their sound it but it’s still a nice version.

What I can’t spare you is a little grumbling about the band’s info sheet. It says “The Fiction is a testament to the idea that three young men can still get together and rock without succumbing to unnecessary pretense or vapid ironic clichés; a rarity in independent music today”. Hey – out of any kind of humans it always has been the young men who had it easiest to simply rock out. Plus: In my opinion you don’t claim things like honesty or authenticity in punk. Either your music suggests it or it doesn’t.