“it’s so hard to look disinterested” RED EY…

“it’s so hard to look disinterested”

RED EYED LEGENDS: Mutual Insignificance (File 13)

As if any Chris Thomson band (Circus Lupus, Monorchid, Skull Kontrol) could be bad. Still this EP is way more thrilling than their RED EYED LEGENDS first EP (on GSL). This is beautifully art-damaged punk, powerful organ-ic noise rock with a sexy pissed off attitude. Thomson still has one of the best voices for punk I’ve ever heard, and it contrasts nicely with Kiki Yolan’s Farfisa-60s-pop-organ. Infectious and dancy and a great band name too.

Listen to “Cold in the Sun“.

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Not really new but great: Musicalbear, one of the few online zines I appreciate, have DJ/RUPTURE’s “Post Election Mix” up as mp3 and they wrote such a cool description of it that I’ll better shut up and simply give you the link. Actually I even prefer this mix to “Special Gunpowder”, his latest release.

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Oh, and a friend complained about the links in my blog not opening in a new window – should work now!! 🙂

HINT HINT: Young Days (Suicide Squeeze) Fir…

HINT HINT: Young Days (Suicide Squeeze)

First I was surprised when I read that Gabe Carter of JUNO now plays in HINT HINT, because from their nice EP ‘Sex is Everything’ (Cold Crush) I remembered them as promising dancy postpunk but on this new album they enhance their sound and add beautiful dreamy shoegazer soundscapes that do their best in musically elaborating the english word ‘angst’. Their singer balances on the edge of exaggerating in his nihilist pathos but different from the Pitchfork-Review I think he stays on the safe BAUHAUS-soundalike side. I don’t understand enough of the lyrics to comment on those because – I hate it! – the vinyl came without lyric sheet.

Listen to “Long Branch New Jersey”.

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“Am I the asshole? This feeling is so constant.”

BREATHER RESIST: Split Session (Nova Recordings)

After their mucho celebrated ‘Charmer’ album (Jade Tree / Level Plane) BREATHER RESIST now rerelease an EP compiling songs from their 7″ on Initial Rec. and splits with SUICIDE NOTE and HARKONEN. The six songs on this NOVA release are in the same nice JESUS-LIZARD-epigone style like their album. Aggressive and intense songs, desperate lyrics, overwhelmingly energetic hardcore fun in an old school way. I’m really looking forward to their Europe tour next year.

Listen to “The Second Half”.

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Huzzah! After having been plagued with pre x-mas d…

Huzzah! After having been plagued with pre x-mas depression and too many things keeping me busy for a couple of days I almost feel fine again now. And I finally got rid of the ftp/sftp headaches blogger.com gave me.

I finished a new song, “Safety First Ladies Last (longer)” and am happy to announce I’m going to play support for one of my favourite bands,

THE PLOT TO BLOWUP THE EIFFEL TOWER, next year in april. Here’s an mp3 of their upcoming album “Love in the Fascist Brothel” that will be released on two labels that couldn’t be more different: Revelation and 3.1.G

Here’s some more nice mp3 links for you:

ACID PAULI, one of the CONSOLE guys, made a nice simplistic electroid JOHNNY CASH mix: “I see a darkness”.

One of my favourite mash up artists, AGENT LOVELETTE, made a breaksy junglistic remix of ROOTS MANUVA’s “witness”: “witness (agentlovelette’s can i get a witness re-fix)”

And one more: DJ EARWORM put an mp3 of a nice bootleg mix online that includes some artists I don’t like (G.Michael, A.Franklin, Beatles) with one I like (Scissor Sisters) and the result is a really great pop tune. I also like DJ EARWORMS explanation that’s an argument for sample or copy art: “It consists of Beatles’ “For No One” from Revolver vs. Scissor Sisters “Take Your Mama”.

George Michael’s “Freedom ’90” was the inspiration for “Take Your Mama”, so there is some of that track in there. And also a bit of the original Aretha Franklin’s “Think (Freedom)”, which George Michael lifted his chorus from.”

Here’s the link: “No One Takes Your Freedom”.

Okay, okay. I give up. I can’t seem to keep up…

Okay, okay.

I give up.

I can’t seem to keep up with the tour diary cause there’s too much going on, but tomorrow I will at least post some pictures of our show in Fürth last Saturday.

* _ *

Le Tigre put a clip to their song “TKO” online.

Watch it streamed in real or windows media player.

They are cuter than ever, especially JD who really moves a lot for male-styled ladies and the new album rrrawks but I’m not sure if I totally dig the pop-ification of their feminist sweepstakes. Seems a bit like watching riot grrls turn into girlies.

What I totally like is the trashy drag style of the Hidden Camera’s video for “I believe in the good of life” which you can watch here (win.media). I’m sooo looking forward to seeing them play live next Sunday in my hometown.

They also have two live videos online as mpg-files:

Golden Streams” and “B-Boy” from a show in a church in Toronto.