I upped >>> some pictures <<< of the AN ALBATROS...

I upped >>> some pictures of the AN ALBATROSS + KRABAT show we had put on two days ago. L.U.V.eliest show in ages, and when I say I’m in love, you better believe I’m in love LUV! The pictures aren’t that good, I only snapped a couple and then preferred to savour the show.
AN ALBATROSS are one of those bands that are equally good in playing excellently tight and energetic as they are in putting on a really sexy and fun kind of posing. I love how the superheavy guitar riffs contrast with the old school organ sounds.
Some people compared them to the DAUGHTERS (not only because both bands’ longhaired cute singers wore cowboy boots) which might be understandable if you don’t listen to much of that kind of controlled-chaos-core punk but I think where the DAUGHTERS nod to a been-there-done-that-dirty-TURBONEGRO cliche of Sex&Drugs&Rock AN ALBATROSS have more of a little psychedelic hippie thing going on which, I have to admit, fits them rather well. Like a friend of mine said: will be hard for any other band this year to top this show. We had a wonderful time. Hope AN ALBATROSS will come back soon.

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Last week the sad news finally were spread: NASUM singer Mieszko is dead. Here’s a part of the official statement on their website: ” His closest family and friends are in our thoughts right now. Mieszko will be missed by many.

nasum.com will be closed for at least a month. You know why. There will be a slight update in a couple of days with some information about the future of Nasum along with some personal words about Mieszko.

Thanks a lot for your support and your thoughts. Now a new time begins, a time we must spend alone. Please respect this wish.

Anders and Nasum.”


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www.bash.org is the first online thing in a while that made me ROFL. There’s not much about it – it’s just a simple collection of the most stupid moments from IRC chats. I really was surprised that it actually IS so funny cause I would have thought that most of the humour in chats is situational.
Here’s some examples:

#462310 +(1719)- [X]
Name ONE thing that your windows comp can do that my MAC cant
Right click.

#376790 +(3160)- [X]
Mike3285: wtf is a palindrome
MaroonSand: no its not dude

#126273 +(2950)- [X]
(JHawk111420) Hey whats up, a/s/l?
(Lady Renegade) more than you want, I’m sure Smile
(JHawk111420) ill take that as a challenge Wink
(Lady Renegade) take it any way you want sweetie
(JHawk111420) k, how old are ya?
(Lady Renegade) probably too old for you, but let’s pretend I’m 20 Wink
(JHawk111420) k, what do ya look like?
(Lady Renegade) before or after I’m dressed up?
(JHawk111420) both Very Happy
(Lady Renegade) well……after I’m dressed up, I have long sexy red hair, nails painted red to match the slinky dress I have on, stiletto heels, pouty lips, green eyes, boobs out to here, and a smile that stops
(JHawk111420) and before your dressed up?
(Lady Renegade) before I’m dressed up, I’m bald and wearing boxers…sometimes my weenie is peeking out
(Lady Renegade) hello?
(Lady Renegade) hello?
(Lady Renegade) hello ….

#459063 +(305)- [X]
there is no such thing as .ng domain
What’s Nigeria?

#459049 +(-318)- [X]
what microphone should be used with mIRC?
a mIRCrophone!

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