Just a little info about a show I’m really excite…

Just a little info about a show I’m really excited about: Tomorrow, Friday 1st of July, LES GEORGES LENINGRAD and ARIEL PINK will play at K4 Nürnberg. Here’s a little info and some links to tunes and videos – don’t miss them live!
Ariel Pink from L.A. blends Lite FM and warped lo-fi pop into something beautiful and confusing, yet highly addictive. Think autistic kids covering Brian Wilson or Tom Waits singing a nursery rhyme or Shakespeare eating shit in an alley or Jesus giving birth to a pack of bear cubs.

Check out this beautiful song from the Paw Tracks website:
Ariel Pink: “jules lost his”
They Here’s a little video (.mov) snippet from “loverboy” and a whole video for “for kate i wait”. If you like the playfulness and weirdness of early The Cure videos you’ll most definitely like these too!

Ariel Pink also draws, here’s a link to his sketchbook.

Les Georges Leningrad are Montreal’s most notorious post-punks and are much beloved for their over the top stage shows and unique take on various genres including no wave, punk and electro sounds.

Here’s two great songs from their US label site:
Les Georges Leningrad: “sponsorships”

Les Georges Leningrad: “supadoopa”
And on this website you can watch “supadoopa” as video!



DECIDER! :::: Men, Women & Alcohol
I’m in love with this garage pop album by DECIDER!! Those 4 Scots’ 7″ was a bit too lo fi for my taste but this album has exactly the right sound and most satisfying dose of ravishing pop tunes over cheap drum synths and their singer has a nice deep-frozen male voice and humor, a bit like a cross between Mark E. Smith and James Murphy. The songs on this album remind of lots of musical goodies from the past: SUICIDES minimal rock’n’roll, NEW ORDER’s candy electro pop, conga no wave, hammond organ pop, melodica nostalgia like CLINIC already had revived… DECIDER! serve themselves uninhibitedly and it’s good that they do so.
“Happy In My Zoo”
“Men, Women and Alcohol”
::: go buy their album: Xstatic Records!

THE CHINESE STARS … A band that releases their first EP as a chinese stars shaped cd can’t be bad (2003, ‘Turbo Mattress’ on Skingraft). THE CHINESE STARS will take you deep into the woods of freaky postpunk. Arisen from the ashes of experimental noise legends ARAB ON RADAR and SIX FINGER SATELLITES this band sure knows how to spin their tight web of discobeats, clanky funky postpunk guitars and the sassy vocals of Eric Paul. Sadly I feel so far their recordings don’t really capture THE CHINESE STARS‘ live appearances which are brainwashing fun. That’s why I’m happy to get to see them live next Tuesday and at a summer festival where I’ll play too.
Here’s a song of ‘A Rare Sensation’ (2004 on 3.1.G):
“Girls Of Las Vegas”

And their remaining tour dates in Europe:
6/17 Barcelona, Spain at Magic Club
6/18 Madrid, Spain at Revolver Club
6/19 Drive Day
6/20 Lille, France at La Malterie
6/21 Wurzburg, Germany at Cafe Cairo
6/22 Berlin, Germany at The Clinic
6/23 Munster, Germany at Baracke
6/24 Andenne, Belgium at Bear Rock Festival (Early Show)
6/24 Antwerp, Belgium at Scheldapen (Late Show)
6/25 Esslingen, Germany at Komma
6/26 Tilburg, Netherlands at 013 Club

2 new mash ups: The Robocop Kraus vs Cardigans, Bi…

2 new mash ups: The Robocop Kraus vs Cardigans, Billy Idol vs The Temptations

“Dancing With A Rolling Stone”
I chose Billy Idol “Dancing With Myself” cause it’s such a brillant dancy rock song and I was in mood for a guitar bootie. The Temptations pella of “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” was a real challenge to fit cause it’s so souly, and the (obvious) title “Dancing With A Rolling Stone” made me try to play with a sample of “She’s A Rainbow”, my favourite Stones tune next to “Paint It Black” and “10.000 light years”. It was fun to try chopping and stretching those tunes cause they contrast so nicely but I soon realized that I wasn’t able to turn this into a really good mix. I dumped the Stones and stuck Idol & Tempations and here you go: “Dancing With A Rolling Stone”

“In fact you’re a lovefool”
I first wasn’t sure if I really dug the new Robocop Kraus album cause it sounds so perfect for stadion stages and fits so well into what’s going on in indierock at the moment, you know: Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, Maximo Park. All of those are a number too big and too obliging for my taste, like a fashion item that you buy and already know that it won’t please you longer than one or two seasons. That’s what I’m afraid of that it might happen to The Robocops. They are one of the few german bands that I really liked over a long period and whom I know for so long now that it would be sad to see them decay to one of those disposable pop things. They deserve more cause they proved over years that it’s still possible for a band that is really into their music and willing to tour its ass of to ‘naturally’ and slowly grow bigger and build a huge strong fan crowd that sticks with them. Indiepunks like me can be bitches if it comes to the old ‘selling out’ subject. Other than many of their old fans I don’t think they did so. They simply have made a really good indiepop smash hit album but they’ve always been a pop band so no one should be surprised. I wish them all the success they deserve.
They will play an album release party at the K4 and while I was making a flyer for it I had the idea to combine their emo disco stomper “In Fact You’re Just Fiction” with the Cardigans’ Romeo&Juliet heartbreak-pop-acapella and indeed: those two almost melted together by themselves: “In Fact You’re Just A Lovefool“.
And here’s the flyer.
Oh, and last night one of my dear music nerd friends told me which other album cover the Robos’ “They Think They Are The Robocop Kraus” album cover hints at.
I give you a day or so to guess before I unveil it!

I’m amazed that just whenever I think I’m about to…

I’m amazed that just whenever I think I’m about to get bored of music some shows and new albums or tracks come around that get me all excited again.
I’ve seen some great bands lately, the most impressive ones were:

Patrick Wolf – although his show could’ve been a bit noisier. I still love his ‘Lycanthropy’ album (one of the best albums of last year, definitely) but the new one is a bit too clean and mainstreamy for my taste. Even the lyrics don’t create the same lump in my throat as for example “the childcatcher”‘s did when I first listened to it. Seeing him live I was surprised how much charisma he has. Such superyoung suffering songwriter type artists often bore me when I see them live but he managed to catch everybody’s attention.

World/Inferno Friendship Society – still among the league of the few very very good livebands on this planet, I fall in love with them again and again! I remember when I first saw them – I hated it! Too much party mood, too much circus music. But the second time around they really got me and I don’t know how many times I’ve seen them by now but there was not one single show that equalled another and not one of them disappointed me. The one show I will never forget was when I played support for them with my old band on 9/11. It already was awesome that they played at all but the show was so intense and riddled with the slickest deep dark humor. It really made me feel unbelievably glad to be alive and breathing and listening to that band. The vaudeville-anarchy revolution party squad #1 in my heart. I’m happy that they will be back end of june and play in Würzburg, Cafe Cairo.

Todd – one of the bands that formed of AmRep’s Hammerhead members and although I’m not really into their album they played a really great heavy rocking noise monster of a show. Definitely the most un-stylish band I’ve seen in a while and I mean that in an absolutely positive sense.

Hot Snakes – Songs like “10th Planet” or “Suicide Invoice” are on my all time faves list and I didn’t expect ever to get the chance to see them live. It was a pleasure to have them playing at our venue and it was a great show with confetti and a crowd that was almost exclusively made up of people who could sing with them.

Rapider Than Horsepower – Not an ounce less whimsical and energetic than on their records. Their singer makes Jack Black look like a choir boy. Awesome breathtaking liveband. The same goes for The Mae Shi. Two bands with the catchiest breaksiest ADD indiepunk around at the moment.

French Toast – Indiepop at its finest, and once more they profed me my love for 2-people-bands, they play so tight and I loved how they managed to switch instruments all the time without ever seeming pretentious. Their music is kind of a perfect mix of Dischord Rec. style posthardcore and Factory Rec. melancholy indiepop. Go see them!

Safety Scissors – a one man band electronic artist with the ugliest bass guitar ever. 😉 But he plays the catchiest tunes and is a living charming proof against the prejudice that laptop artists are boring to watch live. There were many more shows I enjoyed, some for the music, some for the mood, but I don’t have the time to write more now. Just to mention a few of them: The Paperchase, Valina, R.A.M.B.O., Trend, Oiro, This Is A Call To Arms – oh, and I had the pleasure of remixing a song for This Is A Call To Arms. You can find it on their brandnew debut album. ( This Is A Call To Arms on Myspace.com

And I made a new myspace-account for me as an artist: >www.myspace.com/evemassacre . Feel free to add me! 🙂