“Save me, sugar me” – Jesus Freaks, Ladyfest & A F…

“Save me, sugar me” – Jesus Freaks, Ladyfest & A Free Mix

“Save me, save me
Baby, baby sugar me
Gotta get my candy free” (Lynsey De Paul)

This morning started with a Jesus Freaks phone call. They wanted to put up a show or a church service at our location. I told them we don’t do that cause we don’t want to help them spread their message. The guy tried to convince me by saying: ‘but there already was a Jesus Freaks event at your location’. I told him that only happened cause no one told us that it was connected to the Jesus Freaks and that we don’t like their message. Still he kept up his social education worker tone and asked me sympatheticly: “Ach, and that one time you had a bad experience? I’m sorry about that.. blabla”. Oh, how I hate these brainwashed/brainwashing self-righteous mask of infinite politeness that undermines any possibility for discussion. Actually I don’t even want to discuss anything with them. I find Jesus Freaks intolerable and dangerous. Religion as a pseudo-rebellious youth movement that in reality is as conservative and right wing as a youth movement can get, building communities on emotional kitsch and old-testamentarian slogans coming with punk music, homosexuality depicted as disease, patriarchal and hierarchic structures, and so on. I really wish they weren’t that successful.

Today I wanted to write a review on the last week-end, on three awesome and exhausting days of Ladyfest Nuremberg but I have to put that off. It was an incredible and intense experience that touched me more than I would have thought it would. When we had started planning for it months ago, I had thought of myself as a woman that is not afraid to claim her rights. Part of my motivation for Ladyfest was to create an event that encourages other women to also dare doing the things they want to do, even if it’s something that’s usually done mainly by men and to see how easy it is to speak up against everyday gender-based restrictions. Looking back that feels a bit presumptuous. I have to say I’ve realised that there still are many many everyday occurrences in which I rather shut up and avoid an uncomfortable situation or lengthy discussion. I’ve also realised that I often (or at least more often than I would like me to) think from a “male” point of view. Thinking it’s easier to organise things with boys, just because I’m used to it. Sometimes even thinking boys are less touchy than girls, and more entertaining, maybe because they more often tend to draw the attention on themselves in a group, or just because there’s still mostly boys playing bands I watch, etc. I’m even afraid I sometimes act a bit like your average male macho towards a girl. Not all the time, but I realise that it’s there in my thoughts towards women who are not outstandingly strong persons.
Well, the presence of all the active and cute ladies on this week-end really made me feel good. Empowered even. It’s a shame that we have to create events with a dominating female community feel artificially. I had one “wow, she’s awesome, I’ve fallen in love!” experience after the other, sometimes when I watched a woman quickly solving an organisational problem or when I watched a female artist on stage.. ach, there were so many nice little incidents, my head is still so full of all the impressions.

The only thing that really sucked is that someone stole my cute pink Timbuk2 bag with the World/Inferno patch with my purse and digicam. I hope you die a slow and painful death! Woof! 🙁

I had made a soli-mix for the Ladyfest, including some bootleg mixes and some great songs by mostly female artists. Most of you will know a lot of the songs but if you want to enjoy it as a 74 minutes seamless party mix – suck it from here (rightclick and ‘save as’):

“Hey Ladies!” mix by eve massacre

Cover JPG front
Cover JPG back

This is the tracklist:

EVE MASSACRE: What It Feels Like For A Lady = BEASTIE BOYS: Hey Ladies vs. MADONNA: What It Feels Like For A Girl (+ P. Oakenfold RMX) vs. FUGAZI: Suggestion

EVE MASSACRE: Tom’s Diner Continues = SUZANNE VEGA: Tom’s Diner vs. DJ KOZE: Das Geklöppel Continues

PARTYBEN: Get Laid With Khia = KHIA: My Neck My Back vs. LAID BACK: White Horse

EVE MASSACRE: Amoeba Lost Control = ADA: Arriba Amoeba vs. ELLEN ALIEN: Alles sehn (MÄRTINI BRÖS RMX) vs. COBRA KILLER & THE HOLON: Heavy Rotation vs. FANNYPACK: Nunu vs. BLACKEYED PEAS: Shut Up vs. MISSY ELLIOTT: Lose Control vs. THE FAINT: The Conductor vs. SHANNON: Let The Music Play (vs. speech synthesizer JOY DIVISION: She’s Lost Control)

EVE MASSACRE: In Fact You’re Just A Lovefool = THE ROBOCOP KRAUS: In Fact You’re Just Fiction vs. THE CARDIGANS: lovefool

ARTHUR DOLLY & TERRY MCDON: The Buckie Done Don = M.I.A.: Buckie Done Gun vs. ?

AVENUE D: You Love This Ass



PJ HARVEY: Down By The Water (Blue Eyed Whore RMX)

LE TIGRE: Hot Topic

MISS FRENCHIE: Fuck’em Boyo = THE CLASH: Wrong’em Boyo vs. PEACHES: Fuck The Pain Away

THE HIGHWAY STARS feat. ALICE: Fucky Funky Music


STELLA: Bosses Of The Soul


BOSS HOG: Winn Coma

60 STORIES: Countdown

SLEATER-KINNEY: I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone

HELIUM: Leon’s Space Song

MIRAH: Million Miles

“I smell winter” – Recommendations? “There’s a ch…

“I smell winter” – Recommendations?

“There’s a chill down my spine
But the weather is fine
I smell winter on his breath
I smell winter” (Housemartins)

I can tell winter is finally here: I got me three different brands of spice tea instead of a new package of Earl Grey (Kashmiri is the best).

Another sign is my taste in music turning all camp:
I like Eldissa‘s cover version of “Go West”
(here’s a download link, courtesy of ‘Copy, Right?’ blog:
Or the Mae Shi remix of Beck‘s “Que Onda Guera”
(downloadable from
‘Music For Robots’ blog: http://turbine.slackworks.com/robots/mark/que_onda_guero.mp3).
Oh, and another cover version:
Thunderbirs Are Now with “Xmas In Hollis”, originally by Run DMC
(downloadable here: http://www.suburbansprawlmusic.com/Audio/MP3/xmas02/Thunderbirds are Now – Christmas in Hollis.mp3).

And I got vegan gingerbread hearts to give to the guests of our
tonight 9pm @ K4 Nuernberg GER.

KILL ME TOMORROW (GSL) from San Diego melt (No) Wave, Postpunk and Dub to “Noir Wave”, a sound not too far away from Joy Division’s minimalism and the melancholic joy of experimentalism of Sonic Youth. (www.killmetomorrow.com)

Washington D.C.’s MEDICATIONS (ex- Faraquet, ex- Smart Went Crazy) have re-explored and re-interpreted the old Dischord sound since 2003. Unique guitar work, acrobatic bass lines, explosive percussion and breakneck rhythms wrestle with complex harmonies. (

THE LOCUST (Ipecac, Anti), the chaos core band par excellence comes back to play in Nuernberg once more. Tricky and aggressive, a musical amok run in insect costumes. (

more infos: www.musikverein-concerts.de
or become our myspace friend:

* _ *

The news about the ‘riots’ in Australia make me freeze. The racism within the attacks but also within most of the media coverage is blatant. Michael sums it up pretty good in his blog.

“Oh it’s not real if you don’t feel it Unspoken ex…

“Oh it’s not real if you don’t feel it
Unspoken expectations
Ideals you used to play with
They’ve finally taken shape for us.” (Cindy Lauper, “Goonies”)

LOST IN THE SUPERMAKI (CKID and me) played its first live show and it was soooooo much fun! We had strobe and noise and blacklight and messages we threw at the people and toy torpedos in the audience and soap bubbles – I really enjoyed it! Here’s another song by us for your downloading pleasure: “My Bed Is Your Fortress“.

* _ *

LADYFST NUERNBERG comes closer and closer and I’m really starting to get excited. If you don’t yet know about it, please please please go to our website or myspace profile! You really shouldn’t miss out on this, it’s gonna be a fantastic week-end!

The balancing act between politics and party, between workshops and music, between differing feminist attitudes, between being non-commercial and commercial is leaving its traces and we really should spent more time talking about all those things. I know I could spend days discussing those topics but now we still have so many practical things left to do that the theory side of the organisation has to wait.

If you live in Nuernberg and would like to help with hospitality: There’s lots of guests from other cities and countries who urgently look for private accomodation. So if you have a guest bed or sofa or even just some space on the floor please go to our messageboard and let people know!

If you look for a place to stay also don’t be shy and post your request there!

* _ *

Using DEAN GRAY as a pseudonym Partyben and Team9 made a downloadable mash up album of Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’. It’s called ‘AMERICAN EDIT’. It’s one of the more consistent efforts of a mash up album but doesn’t really satisfy me. Maybe it’s that the basic idea of mash ups is to bring different music together and sticking to one album limits the potential rollercoaster fun experience. There’s one really good song on it, “Novocaine Rhapsody” (mixing Green Day with Queen). The album received a ‘cease and desist’ after a week and is offline at the moment. Forbidden fruit tastes better. A lot of people think this album is really outstanding. A ‘Gray Tuesday’ is being organised on december 13, meaning: on that day whoever takes part puts the album online on their website, so it will be downloadable from dozens of websites and will be spread very fast. The whole action is a reference to Dangermouse’s ‘Grey Album’ and its ‘Grey Tuesday’. Go to gray.alt.fm// if you’re interested.

Although I think any action taken against the stranglehold of the trends in today’s copyright laws is good, for me the whole thing leaves a bitter taste cause it once more seems to show that people only protest if it’s about fun and mainstream (Though I often am cynic myself: Oh, how I hated that cynic Live8 thing and everyone who put those Make-Poverty-History links that some people put on their websites.)
There is some free music online and the legal owners of the originals protest.
= How dare they! That’s an attack on freedom of speech and artistic freedom!
There’s socalled ‘security’ and economic arguments threatening great things like open source software, take for example the Digital Millenium Act (USA), or th Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (UK) or the European Union discussions about that subject. = Hardly anyone cares.
Again: I’m not against actions like this whole Grey Tuesday thing. It only makes me sad to see with how much fervour people protest here while they don’t give a damn if there’s no pop and fun and freebies involved.

Anyway, my favourite Green Day mash up ever hasn’t been included on ‘American Edit’, so I put it up for you here – hoping that’s okay for the maker! 🙂

TONE 369: Woo Makes American Idiots Fuck War

It’s ‘American Idiot’ mixed with Public Enemy & Busta. TONE369 also has some really good mixtape mp3s (you might call it podcasts, I won’t) online here: “Rawramp.Blogspot.com” – punk, reggae, glam. What more could you ask for.