“Let’s be real” – Art Brut, Rye Coalition, Death …

“Let’s be real” – Art Brut, Rye Coalition, Death

“But for now love,
Let’s be real”
(G. Lightfoot)

Phew – glad they finally did it. Sort out the problems in the Middle East, I mean. Who? ART BRUT. At least they said so when they were asked that by a guy in the audience at last night’s show. When we arrived at E-Werk I couldn’t imagine I would like it cause there were far too many people for my liking. 600? 800? I don’t know but enough people to make me look for a place with a wall at my back. Crowded places can make me feel really insecure. That was forgotten as soon as the “Enter Sandman” riff with which Art Brut started their show filled the room. It soon changed into “Formed A Band”, followed by “My little brother” and the crowd loved them. I really enjoyed their show. They are a really good and mucho sympatico indierock band with a great sense of humour. Oh, and a friend surprised us with spotting they had Dickie Hammond as soundguy. Apropos fine punk rock: Tomorrow the fabulous RYE COALITION play at the K4 in Nuernberg! Woohoo!


Wednesday, 18.January Zentralcafe K4 (opposite from the main station, Nuremberg, Germany)
09:00 p.m. / 8 euro

“A well-crafted ode to cock rock, minus the cliches” is what somebody wrote about their explosive mix of classic 70s rock, heavy punk rock, raw emo rock and ‘modern’ noise rock – you get it, eh? R.O.C.K. in the footsteps of Kiss, Grand Funk Railroad or Spinal Tap, or The Strokes heard through the meatgrinder of Shellac, or as if Fugazi are about to lose a drinking contest against AC/DC. RYE COALITION have existed for more then 10 years. Dave Grohl turned out to be a big fan of them (he even produced their upcoming album on the fine GERN BLANDSTEN label) so they will support the Foo Fighters on their Europe Tour. RYE COALITION added some club shows to that schedule and if you get to be in Nuernberg tomorrow you can witness the first of those shows. They will be supported by GHOST ROCKETS who play oldschool speedrock in the vein of Corrosion Of Conformity or J.F.A.

“I will never be set free
As long as I’m a ghost that you can’t see.”
(G. Lightfoot)

On my first night out last week I somehow got stuck in various conversations about death: First tabloid style with a friend who had known an archaelogist who was beheaded in India one or two weeks ago. One of those stories you’d really shrug off as urban myth when you read about it. Then, what really touched me, he started telling me about the slow death of his cat a few months ago. The cat had died of cancer. He said he hadn’t suffered a loss of a family member or any other close person before, so the cat’s death really got to him. It’s weird how we look for excuses when the loss of a pet makes us deeply sad, while the death of a remote relative we hardly ever met is supposed to make us sad. As if it was healthy to control grief.
I remember having a really hard time when I was expected to mourn my father. When he died I had hardly any positive memory of him. Still I was expected to forgive him cause you don’t think nor talk bad of someone who is dead. Crap. Why shouldn’t we? I guess, having been left alone to cope with that affected me much more than I consciously am aware of. Maybe I’m still not really done with it. I picture such experiences as cruising our minds like Vanderdecken’s or Jack Sparrow’s ghost ship. Any thought that gets too close to it flees in fear or gets mutilated.
Later that night another friend poured out his grief about yet another loss: A close friend of his girlfriend had died in an accident only a couple of days before. She had been one of 15 people that didn’t survive when the roof of an ice skating hall broke in Bad Reichenhall, Germany. Her little daughter was saved from the debris. Death is the hardest thing to understand and to handle anyway, but such a sudden loss that hits you from out of nowhere can really question anything you thought you were sure about. It’s as if you suddenly realize on which a shaky and weak and ‘relative’ foundation your world and world view are built. Things seem to become threatingly real in such moments.
The following day, with those shared thoughts of loss and how it can affect you still on my mind, I watched the last four episodes of the final SIX FEET UNDER season. Can’t remember when I last cried that much. It felt good though.

“Safety and happiness are contradictory anyway.” (Bella Block)

“We’re Lost In Music” – this is the excuse “We’re…

“We’re Lost In Music” – this is the excuse

“We’re lost in music
Caught in a trap
No turnin’ back
We’re lost in music

Have you ever seen
Some people lose everything
First to go is their mind.” (Sister Sledge)

It was late, I’m sorry, pardonnez-moi, forgive me: the link to the mix in my last posting was wrong.
Here’s the correct one:


Here’s some more comments on the tracklist:

DJ KOZE: Brutalga Square
(these two are so perfect for mixing together – the bell sounds are from the koze track, most of the rest is from trentemöller.. dj kozes ‘kosi comes around’ album is a great mixture of punky grating synth techno with minimal techno’s obsession for rhythm.. “polar shift” isn’t done justice with the way i mixed it in cause its greatness lays in the layers that trentemöller builds up over the whole track.)

(in a similar way as “polar shift” this song works nicely in contrasting tight crisp minimal rhythm sounds and echo synths. ryan crosson is great. i stumbled upon his music when downloading some free netaudio tunes he released and he sure is a proof that not all netaudio stuff is boring chill music.)

(more great funky minimalist techno with a hint of melody.)

(the synth line of that track is annoying like a kazoo yet got stuck in my mind from the first i’ve heard it… a great track and mr. eulberg adds some nice polish to it)

(maas usually really isn’t my taste. i don’t even like any of the other tracks he made with molko but this one is great: cinematic but with a subtle funkiness and dark lyrics… the queer s/m voyeuristic aspect they hint at is a more than pleasant change in the otherwise 99.9 percent heterocentric lyricworld of dance music.. the evil nine remix of this song is an unexpectedly unbreaky take on it, simple but good.)

(a great electro clash rocker with an acid feel, introduced to me through one of the excellent kitsune compilations)

(disco! handclaps! weird whispery-vocoded vocals! heaven!)

ISOLÉE: My Hi-Matic
(this might not even be my favourite isolee song but it’s the one that fits best in this mix. “we are monster” is definitely one of the best albums of last year. it’s ‘reserved’ music, careful music, complex music in a sense of: every ever so tiny piece adds to the whole picture.)

PONI HOAX: Budapest (JOAKIM Italo Dub)
(italo disco – a genre i remember best for when i was 16 and on my first abroad holiday in spain, lloret de mar. i also remember dancing to DIVINE on that holiday, at a club in a castle with a dancefloor that was lit from below in the garden, really kitschy and nice. okay, italo disco is something i only like with a hint of irony, but as JOAKIM – who has been one of my favourite electronic musicians since his ‘are you vegetarian’ – remixed this i simply had to listen to it and i’m all happy about that. there’s another awesome remix by him last year you should check out: “magic touch” by clor.)

(I might be wrong but I think this is an alias of John Dahlbäck, and the song is a nice electro house tune with dark disco violins.)

* _ *

I’m off for a long nightly walk to the LOGH show now. First time out after one week. How exciting.

“Hide The Kitchen Knives” – more moaning & more mi…

“Hide The Kitchen Knives” – more moaning & more mixing

“Hide the kitchen knives” (The Paperchase)

Arrgh – more moaning from massacre mansion. Until now I have spend more than 50% of this new year sick. I didn’t even have “stop smoking” as a new years resolution but that flu has kept me from smoking on more than two or three days this year. This cold feels like some tiny critters from outer space stepped inside my head and exchanged my brain with a huge slimeball so I can’t think clearly or concentrate on something. Then they sealed the pressure chambers aka my ears tight with intergalactic superglue. Sucks. Sucks even more since I have used this knife sharpener for some of my kitchen knives and instantly forgot about it. So when I sat down a bit later to thoughtlessly cut some cheese the knife slid straight through the cheese and deep into my finger. Lots of blood. Yuck. If that wouldn’t have been enough: while I was standing there asking myself if it was better to clench the flesh together to try stop the bleeding or rather to wash the blood away and put some adhesive tape on, some creepy huge black spider suddenly ran across the floor in front of me. Double-yuck. (I stomped on it, sorry if that makes me a bad vegetarian but I think it could be excused as reflex or as crime of passion.)

Of course some things also cheered me up: Having the time to watch lots of SIX FEET UNDER episodes (had to stop that today cause the final one comes closer and closer and I don’t want the story to be over.) The other pleasurable pastime has been listening to and mixing my way through some of my favourite tunes of last year. This is the first and purely electronic part of it, for you to download:


Be warned: 70minutes in 192 kbps quality = huge file.

Here’s the tracklist:

ANNIE: Helpless Fool For Love (PATRICK WOLF RMX)
(could be a bit dirtier and more lo-fi as i love patrick wolf’s first album best but is still a beautiful version. i have to admit that i don’t like any annie song in the original version but there’s lots of great remixes.)

TIGA: The Ballad Of Sexor
(tiga simply knows how to turn straight pumping techno beats into queer glam disco fun without exaggerating too much, “you gonna want me” also had to be in this mix)

(as the original song already has been nice it’s good to hear DFA sticking to the magic of simple twists. the synth changes that make up the larger part of this tune are irrestibly hypnotic)

(is a winner for the way it mixes pj harveys vocals into that chilly winding tune)

PETER GRUMMICH: The Roll Part 1 And 2
(shuffle techno with distorted synths – 2005 was a great year for this and grummich knows how to funk it up)

(in the same vein but a bit stompier and noisier)

(like with the DFA Gorillaz tune the magic is simplicity: this builds up such a raw tension with those rock riff stomping – lovely.)

JUSTICE: Waters Of Nazareth
(noisy synths power again, justice has had some great remixes with that concept and this song proves his recipe to work fine without a hit sample)

(the vocals remind me of Pavlov’s Dog who had a semi-hit with “Julia” back in the 70s – i like the cutting voice and “flashlights, nightmares and sudden explosions” give you a nice image to go with the beats… sorry, now I’m too tired to go on with that track by track review thing… maybe i’ll go on with it tomorrow.)

DJ KOZE: Brutalga Square
ISOLÉE: My Hi-Matic
PONI HOAX: Budapest (JOAKIM Italo Dub)
MOSSA: You Don’t Know
JULIET: Avalon
TIGA: You Gonna Want Me
DAFT PUNK: Technologic (BASEMENT JAXX Kontrol Mixx)
HOT CHIP: I Don’t Know The Half Of How To Have A Hope Of Holding Back
JOAKIM: I Wish You Were Gone
REX THE DOG: I Look Into Mid Air
THE BOOKS: A Little Longing Goes Away

(Dear local friends: if you want a CD-R of it, drop me a line.)

What also cheered me up: Today a very nice person (merci again!) helped me to pre-listen Placebo’s upcoming single “Because I Want You” and I’m glad it’s nice. The lyrics aren’t as good as “I Do” suggested they could become again but it’s a rocking little tune and I love the double vocals in the refrain. I’m also totally curious for that duet with Alison Mosshart of THE KILLS that is supposed to be on the upcoming album. Oh, and a couple of days ago when I switched on TV I caught a scene with Brian Molko talking about the Crazy Frog’s penis. I had to switch off TV instantly after that cause it was such an absurd smile-worthy little impression. Okay, enough of my guilty Placebo pleasures.

Goodnight.. eve

“There’s a light”- state of affairs, new mp3, snot…

“There’s a light”- state of affairs, new mp3, snottiness

“Take me out tonight
Where there’s music and there’s people
who are young and alive,
Driving in your car
I never never want to go home
Because I haven’t got one, anymore

And if a double-decker bus crashes into us
To die by your side,is such a heavenly way to die
And if a ten-ton truck kills the both of us
To die by your side
Well the pleasure, the privilege is mine

There is a light that never goes out…” (The Smiths)

Footmark to those who come here from PARTYBEN‘s (a mash up artist and dj) Website: Pardon him, he’s a bit touchy. He sure will learn that if you publish music you better learn to live with criticism. I didn’t even pan the DEAN GRAY album, elsewhere I read comments like “desperate publicity stunt” and worse. Hope he didn’t sent hired killers to those writers’ doors. 😉
Honestly: linking here with the words “some snotty German chick” instead of something like “a groundbreakingly fantastic fellow GYBO mash up artist” says more about him than it’s an affront to me. Although he’s right about the snottiness cause my cold makes me reach for my third pack of hankies today as I’m writing this.

* _ *

I’ve done a cover version of SHEILA E.’s “Belle Of St. Mark”. I didn’t have my proper mic at home so I used an old headphone for recording the vocals. It’s a dancy tune with my usual seesaw between melodies and dissonances. You can download it from here:

EVE MASSACRE: “Belle Off!”

(Maybe some of you have already downloaded the first version of this a couple of days ago. It had a few BUDDY HOLLY samples in it but they didn’t make that much sense, so I took them out again.)

* _ *

I am in the midst of some decoration work on my flat. I somehow managed to destroy my lightswitch when I reconnected the cables in my bathroom and now the lights don’t go out anymore. Stripping off wallpaper centimeter by centimeter is the shittiest work I’ve done in ages. I consoled myself with listening to endless hours of audio books. Nice.
I haven’t been able to sleep before 5 or 6 in the morning since weeks. This is not necessarily bad as I’m not forced by my work to get up early but it seems like years of parental and school education somehow implanted in my brain that it’s bad for me to get up late and I guess that’s what gives me a slight but constant feeling of worry.
I had one of the bestestest new year’s eves ever. It still makes me smile when I think back to it. Great dinner fun with friends, awesome party afterwards.
Yesterday I’ve been to my first show of this year and it was a nice night, though not necessarily because of the music.
No warm jacket = Got a cold today.
Overall, I think I’m okay at the moment. Confused, for sure. Not very communicative, aye (sorry about all the unanswered emails, I’ll get there tomorrow). But somehow okay.

The show was WOW, OWLS / ULTRA DOLPHINS / FUCK U IS MY NAME in Wuerzburg. Like always when I drive somewhere with Seppo and / or Herr Mueller we got lost. We simply talk too much and concentrate too less on the direction. Tsktsktsk. But that almost has become an essential ingredient of a good concert night. We were a bit late but what I saw of FUCK U was nice: hectic postpunk with vocals on the good side of hysterical. After them one of the ULTRA DOLPHINS’ singers stepped on the bad side of this: he sounded a bit arty in a strenuous way. Their noise core wasn’t bad at all (actually it was well played and almost burst of ideas) but their songs somehow had too many different parts without a connecting flow to sweep me away. WOW OWLS were a combination of what hundreds of bands have played before them. They play it good, that’s for sure, but it was the kind of music that only works in a nostalgic mode and I wasn’t in the right mood. And I’m a bit tired of angry young white men yelling at me about how bad they feel, and other young men in front of them dancing so enthusiastic but careless that soon the four or five dancing females give up and step back or even leave the room. That’s so 1989. As for aggressive music: I need a hint of irony, or a bit of dressing up or… ach, I don’t know.