“But still we can dance” – The Flamingo Massacres …

“But still we can dance” – The Flamingo Massacres For Free

“Resistance isn’t futile
Remember that still
We can dance”
(The Flamingo Massacres)

I found a live recording of my old band THE FLAMINGO MASSACRES. I usually am no big fan of recorded live music but when I listened to this it brought back loving memories of how intense and how much raw bloody fun playing with THE FLAMINGO MASSACRES was!

The Flamingo Massacres were a postpunk / hardcore / indiepunk band, a female threepiece that existed from 1997 to 2002. It consisted of Lari Wagner (bass guitar), Micha Koedel (drums, vocals) and me (bass guitar, vocals).

The sound of that live recording is quite okay, I have bandwidth left, most of the songs have never seen a proper recording and release cause we split too soon – enough reasons to share them. They are a bit screamier and faster than our older songs. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

For free download of those songs and two studio recorded ones go to this little site.

“I don’t think of the past” – rubbish, diary, new …

“I don’t think of the past” – rubbish, diary, new mix, new show

“I don’t think of the past. The only thing that matters is the everlasting present.”
W. S. Maugham

I’ve spend a couple of hours today cleaning my flat, mainly sorting out old stuff. I’ve just got rid of four large cardboard boxes of old paper. Now I feel like running back and getting it back out of the bin. It was stuff I had accumulated over the years – letters and postcards from friends I got over the course of the last 20 years, articles, old concert tickets, old posters… do you throw away such things? Or are they too precious as souvenirs from your past?

I have kept them for lots of years and haven’t ever looked at them. Still now that I finally threw them away I feel slightly bad for doing so cause it means getting rid of a part of my past. I feel a bit like plucking on a daisy counting down the plucked leaves: “I want to remember” – “I want to forget”. I guess it has something to do with ‘to forget’ meaning ‘to let go’ or meaning ‘to do away’ or ‘to repress’. And I’m aware that throwing some of those things away will cross them out of my memory cause I’ve also found a diary I had totally forgotten about. It’s quite scary to read through your own past as if it was someone else’s. It feels like dumpster diving my past, hoping to find at least some useful thoughts among all the rubbish. This younger self was weirder and above all much more insecure and troubled than I remember it. And there are lots of things I wouldn’t ever have remembered again if I hadn’t found that book. Not only details but also some events I can’t believe to have forgotten. Strange thing, our memory.

* _ *

“Miserable Girl” by Soulwax and “Needy Girl” by Chromeo (especially the Bloc Party remix which was much better than that recent Placebo remix by BP) were some of my favourite tunes of last year but… hey, there’s really enough songs by boys  lamenting about some girl’s bad habits. So I thought this deserves being re-bitched. Lazy as I am I haven’t made a new song but a kind of remix: “The Sun Always Shines On A Miserable Boy (T Talking)”. (Yes, the ‘T’ in ‘T Talking’ stands for ‘testosterone’, dear.)

I assume now you already can guess the ingredients:

Soulwax: Miserable Girl (Nite Version)

Soulwax: E Talking

A-Ha: The Sun Always Shines On TV

and some additional vocals by me.

You can download it from here (rightclick save as):

The Sun Always Shines On A Miserable Boy (T Talking)

* _ *

If you live in Nuernberg or nearby, please don’t miss this little festival:

The outstandingly brilliant truly underhyped face-melting live acts are:





Amaaaazingly awesome, I tell thee! 🙂

It’s 90% female musicians and the money from the door will be used to cover the expenses of LADYFEST NUERNBERG 2005 (there still are some debts to pay – please help!)!

“No Safety No Dance” – a new song I tried to make…

“No Safety No Dance” – a new song

I tried to make a new song.
You know, with beats and all.
I got stuck.
I realised I still have that nasal voice from my cold so I took my acoustic bass guitar, wrote a sad little lo-fi country song and after adding some Supatrigga and a second pitched voice and distortion it sounds rather nice.
At least in my ears.

Get the mp3 (2minutes, 160kbps) from here:
No Safety No Dance

You say you think you know me better
You think you can tell wether
I’m about to break up or make out
And I sure wish that was true

But I’m afraid you will never
Never ever, never ever
Never ever get as close
As not just to buy what I sell

Oh sweetheart, oh my dear friend,
Please let’s not take this down into the dirt
Understand that my fingers aren’t broken
Doesn’t mean that they don’t hurt

And that i’m not dancing tonight
Doesn’t mean that i’m not right here by your side
And that i’m not laughing at your jokes
Doesn’t mean they’re not heard

Oh I wish the second glance
Would really show more than the glam
And that I wouldn’t be the good faker
That we both know that I am

But my friend, I’m afraid
This door has been locked for good
We better keep our safety distance
And we both won’t get hurt

“I want more!” – Kid606, Soph BB and new free down…

“I want more!” – Kid606, Soph BB and new free downloads

“Every satisfaction opens up a gap of ‘I want More!'”
S. Zizek

Exciting days, exciting nights. The KID606 show at K4 last week was fun. I put up some pictures in the photosection of www.evemassacre.de (direct link is here). I’m glad that although it was a Sunday night (after a Saturday night that had people cueing all along the street for Bucovina Club) enough people in dancing mood showed up. It was fun playing live with Ren as Lost In The Supermaki again, and we even had one new song. In this one we sample my favourite Saul Williams’ song and Against Me! and the lyrics play with “Bat Out Of Hell” and “Never Be Alone Again”.
Dear Mr. Casioheart put the song online for you here:
“Let Me Be Your VST!” mp3

I loved Kid606’s set. He played wonderful crossgenre attacks, some techno, some ragga, some whatever, for about 2 hours when he finished with a beautiful noisy slow tune. He made me wonder if there are finger exercises like you get them for piano lessons for Kaos Pads too. Mr. Miguel was also a really nice person. Even if he said himself that all good musicians tend to be social failures. Also there were enough people to have fun and fill the room (about 50) I think it’s a poor turn out for an artist like Kid606, even if you consider the show was put on so late that we couldn’t get any press but only promoted the show with flyers and posters. I wonder were this lack of enthusiasm for electronic live acts comes from. Especially if acts like Dat Politics (15 paying guests last year, such a shame!), Jamie Lidell, The Bug and now Kid606 are really great examples for how much fun and for how intense it can be. Maybe it’s cause all their fans rather linger at home behind their laptops and don’t have a sense for live experiences at all. I really don’t know. But we won’t give up until our enthusiasm infects all of you! 🙂

Last Saturday we had one of our Sophisticated Boom Boom parties which was rather enjoyable too. Although it was hard to get people dancing at the beginning of the night. The first two songs that worked were “Blue Monday” and “Pull Up The Poor”. After each of those people left the floor instantly and stood there and stared at us. Weeeird. Then the floor was filled with people dancing to Peaches’ version of “Gay Bar” and believe it or not: I cleared the floor instantly with “Because I Want You”, a wonderful new Placebo song.
As sweet revenge take this:
Here’s another Cebo mix (with “Protge-Moi” vocals on Tiga’s remix of LCD Soundsystem “Tribulations”:
“Protect My Soundsystem” mp3

Later that night every tune we picked seemed to satisfy, and we and all guests had mucho fun, with songs like Prince’s “Black Sweat”, Beatsteaks/Turbostaat “Frieda und die Bomben”, the Kanye cut up “George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People”, Eagles Of Death Metal, Aphex Twin or even Bon Jovi’s “Runaway”, Akufen, Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah – ach, I loved it. Only down side: My sore throat and headache tells me I caught a cold agaaaain. I hate it but it was worth it! Next time is 21. April. Thank you everybody for a wonderful night! Lost in music! I can’t stop drooling over you people who enjoy music in such a diversity! Death to monogamous dancefloors! 🙂