“A Plague I Call A Hearbeat” – it’s all about show…

“A Plague I Call A Hearbeat” – it’s all about shows, innit?

“Still this pulsing night
A plague I call a heartbeat
Just be still with me
You wouldn’t believe what I’ve been thru
You’ve been so long
Well it’s been so long

And I’ve been putting out the fire with gasoline
Putting out the fire
With gasoline” (D.Bowie)

Today I decided to re-join the AUDIOPETS forces! Back to my monthly slot, the others being filled by Seppo Defect, Stefan Wagner and Maggie. It is a weekly 2 hours music show on RADIO Z, a wonderful independent radio station for the Nuremberg region that also has a livestream.

And: Little Evee Massacre plays at big FUSION Festival, 30th june. I’m not sure wether to cheer or to wet my pants. It is a rather big but non-profit festival that takes place on a former Russian military airport. This year there will play LOOPTROOP, DIE GOLDENEN ZITRONEN, JAHCOOZI, WEVIE STONDER, THE EX, THE QUEERS, DJ KOZE, NAMOSH, JASON FORREST, DAT POLITICS, WIGHNOMY BROTHERS, RUEDE HAGELSTEIN, SECURITYTAG, ADAM FREELAND, VITALIC and many many many more.

I made posters for the GRIZZLY BEAR show we put up on May 22nd. I hope they like Care Bears. I do. And at one point in my life I will grab some friends and we will also do THIS.

Wednesday me and Urte drove to Munich for the last show of the awesome THE YELLOW PRESS show and to meet some friends. Kafe Kult is a good  place. It’s one of those rare venues that make me feel a little bit like coming home whenever I enter it. Although I was terribly tired I enjoyed being there and talking and watching THE YELLOW PRESS. It was a really energetic and fun show and they will be missed. <3
Before we left I got a plate full of Kerstin’s yummy dinner and in the kitchen we discovered one of those football oddities that accompany this fucking world cup 2006: football sausages. I ask you why!? What makes human beings produce something like that?!

The CHRIS BROKAW (give “Cranberries” a listen if you visit his myspace-site) show last night at K4 was all about dark and warm indierock / country music with some twists whenever I thought it could become too traditional. Even the ZZ Top cover was great. It was a nice surprise to see Jeff Godard of KARATE playing the bass. And I met a friend I hadn’t seen in ages. Surprise encounters like that are wonderful.
Well, and today simply is a wonderful grey cuddlemonster of a day. It’s all rainy but you got colour dashes of spring blossoms everywhere. Not much work to do. An unusually short queue at the post office. The supermarket had cheap sweet strawberries for me. It’s one of these days on which things slow down a bit and it feels good and allright to be sad.

I recommend not only listening to SIMON BOOKISH but also to go and read the SIMON BOOKISH interview that CKID has put on his CASIOHEART-Blog.

And why not come to Bucovina Club at K4 Nuremberg tomorrow and have a vodka with me. Or two. Or three…

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